This guide has been written for team members assigned the access permission level of Supervisor in Deputy.

If you are new to Deputy, please ensure you also read Getting Started - Employee so that you have an understanding of the core functionality of Deputy and what your team members are able to see and do in Deputy.

This article will specifically focus on what users with access to Supervisor permissions will see and can do in Deputy:

Getting Started

Once you've accepted your invitation to join your Deputy team and signed in via our web application or downloaded the Deputy App for iOS or Android you can start to navigate around Deputy using the menu options.

This example shows the Supervisor view on our web application:

And this example shows a similar menu navigation for Supervisors on the iOS App:

Message your Team in News Feed

News feed is the communication hub for your team.

While it can be used for general announcements to everyone at a specific location, you can also send News Feed posts to individual team members. Messages will also be sent via email.

No other users can read the messages except for the people sending and receiving the messages.

You can also message everyone working at a particular location right now.

If a Supervisor asks for confirmation from readers then all users with an access level of Employee will be asked to give confirmation of reading the message.

Note: Users with access level of Location Manager or System Administrator will not be asked to confirm that they have read Supervisor or Employee messages in news feed.

Read more about News Feeds and Posts.

Manage Your Team's Tasks

From the Tasks page, you can allocate tasks to yourself and other staff. These can be completed by ticking the box next to the task name in Your Tasks. Tasks allow you to organise your staff within an area.

These are useful when assigning work to individual team members, and can be tracked simply by clicking the checkbox upon completion.

These tasks can be given a due date or can be a general task that can be completed at any time.

If you need Tasks assigned to all team members at a specific area or location rather than just one individual you will need the System Administrator of your Deputy account to set up a Task Group.

View Your Team Members' Details

On the People page, Supervisors can access a list of users with Employee level access to Deputy at their location.

You can search or filter this list and also set options to display information such as training, contact details, location or stress profile.

You can click on the employee's name to access their details.

Within the team member's profile you can:

  • Start a shift for the team member

  • Find a replacement for the team member

  • View (but not edit) these team member details:



Preferred Name

Date of Birth




Emergency Contact


Deputy Access Level

Work Location


Leave Entitlements

  • Perform these functions in regards to the selected team member:


Read and add new internal journal notes regarding the team member's work


View or find a replacement for the team member's upcoming shifts

View the details and link to any unapproved timesheets for previously worked shifts


View leave balances

View, add, approve or decline leave requests


View or add new unavailability dates

News feed

View messages shared between the supervisor and the selected team member

View Shifts and Schedule Your Team

The Schedule page will take you to Deputy’s shift scheduling features.

Let's look at the different components of the schedule page.

The bar of selector buttons at the top of the Schedule page allows you to:

  • Select the Location or Area you are scheduling for

  • Select the date range you are scheduling for

  • Select the view type you would like to see the schedule in

  • Initiate Autoscheduling

  • Copy shifts across to another period

  • Toggle your statistics view on and off

  • Export and other shift options

  • Publish newly created shifts

The list of team members down the left side of the screen shows all team members at the Location you have selected as well as the hours they have been scheduled for the view and period you have selected.

You can use the search bar or filter button at the top of the list to refine how the team members are displayed. When you click on the team member's name you can see their stress profile and the training they have. There are also other options displayed by clicking on the three vertical dots next to their name to highlight, or open their shifts or view their profile.

When you click on the team member's name or photo you can drag and crop them directly into the schedule.

The main part of the schedule screen shows the shifts scheduled with each column representing a day of the week or even hour of the day depending on the period of time and view you have selected with the selections at the top of the screen.

There are many ways you can create new shifts including:

Once you have scheduled your staff you then need to publish the new shifts so that your teammember will be notified.

Access more help articles about scheduling.

Approve Leave

Supervisors may be tasked with approving employee leave dates in their workplace.

You will be made aware that you have a leave request to approve via an email, a push notification on your Deputy mobile app or via the web application on your dashboard. Notifications appear at the bell icon or you can see leave requests under the Needs Approval

Supervisors can approve the leave request for the dates requested only and the Location Manager or System Administrator will need to then finalise the leave approval to approve or allocate the leave type.

Approve Timesheets

Team members clocking on/off will automatically generate timesheets. Once generated timesheets must be approved, either manually or automatically, for team members to be paid.

To view and approve timesheets, follow the link from your Me Dashboard or click on Timesheets.

To approve a timesheet, please click one of your team members on the list to the left. The page will then display a list of unapproved timesheets for each of the team member's shifts. You can edit the beginning, end and break, as well as make a journal entry for the shift. After you are finished with the timesheet, please click "Approve", below the fields.

You can also create a new unrostered timesheet for an employee in the instance that they worked an shift that was not scheduled and they did not clock on or off to generate a timesheet.


Supervisors can add internal notes about employees called journals. Journals can be positive negative or not selected (neutral) messages.

To add a journal note or view a journal note supervisors can access this via:

Employees can not view journal messages written about them.

Supervisors can write and view journal for employees under the same location as themselves.

Supervisors can not view journals about their co-supervisors at any location nor view journals about themselves.

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