This guide will teach you the functions that you have under the 'Employee' access level in Deputy. We will cover:

What is Deputy?

Deputy is a simple system used to record timesheets for your team members. We’ve created an easy-to-use application that allows you to start and end your shifts.

Deputy is a robust platform accessible in numerous ways. We offer free applications for web browsers, iPhones, Android phones and iPads (as a Kiosk option), as well as being fully accessible on the web.  We’ll explain below how to access each.

While we do not offer an app for Blackberry and Windows phones, you can still access all of Deputy via their respective mobile browsers. We’ll explain below the various ways you can access Deputy.

Signing Up and Getting Started

If you have provided your email to your employer, you should receive an email with a link to join Deputy. It should look like the following:

When you click the link in this email, you will be brought to a page where you can either Create a new Deputy account, or Log in with an existing account.

Log in to Deputy via your Web Browser

Once you have created an account with Deputy you can log in via your web browser whenever you like. Remember to bookmark this page for easy access. Always use the email address associated with your account to log into your Deputy account.

iOS App

Deputy also has an iOS app that can be downloaded from the App Store or simply search ‘Deputy’ in the App Store.

Deputy also uses an iOS Kiosk app for the iPad which is used for clocking in and out at the work location. The Deputy iPad Kiosk app requires a PIN to access your account and start/end your shift.

Your PIN was included at the bottom of your Deputy invite email as shown below:

You can also find and change your PIN in your Deputy profile. Note that the Deputy iPad Kiosk app will take a photo of you when you start and end your shift for timesheet verification purposes.

Android App

You can download the Deputy app for Android phones here.

Deputy also has a Time Clock app for Android tablets. This app allows you to start/end your shifts and breaks.

While the web browser, iOS and Android Deputy apps look slightly different, the layout is similar.

Deputy is made to be easy to navigate for every user with the same menu options however you log in.

Let's have a look at each of the menu options in Deputy:


The Me tab is the first thing you’ll see when you log in.

This is an information hub that will give you a seven-day overview of your shifts, the number of hours you’re scheduled for in the week and (depending on your workplace settings) will show you who you are working with. You can also apply for leave and add unavailabilities here, which will be explained later.

From this screen, you can start and end your shift by clicking the Start Shift or End Shift button. You will also be notified if you are late for your scheduled shift.

News Feed

The News Feed is a central communications hub accessible for everyone. While it can be used for announcements, you can also send News Feed posts to individual team members. Announcements will also be sent via email.

To create a post, click the blue Create Post button in the top right corner.

Your employer can make posts that require you to confirm that you have seen them. When this occurs, the post will look like the following:

You just need to click the I Confirm button, which will notify your manager that you’ve read the News Feed post. You can add comments here too and your manager will see them.


The Tasks page lists all of your assigned tasks. Tasks can be assigned by managers, or you can assign yourself a task as a reminder.

To mark the task as Completed, just click the checkbox next to the task.


The Locations page provides a list of the places you are employed in, along with the address of the business. It will list all the locations if you work at multiple locations, provided it’s been entered as such by the managers.

If you click on the Location Address, a pop-up will appear with the location of the business marked by a pin on Google Maps. You can also see which team members are currently working at that location (if your workplace has enabled that setting).


On the Schedule page, you can see the published schedule for the location(s) you work at. The date and view selector allow you to change the way this information is presented.

From the Deputy mobile app you can also select the date and location at the top of the screen to view your team members working at that location.

Edit your Profile Infomation

In the Deputy web application, on the right-hand side of the screen, there is an option to Edit Your Global Profile. Clicking this will take you to your Global Profile, which contains settings for your Deputy account.

Within your Global Profile, you can edit your personal details like:

  • Adding a preferred name (this can be your first name, a nickname or however you’d like to be known in Deputy)

  • Kiosk PIN (click "Show Me")

  • Resetting your login password to Deputy

  • Profile photo upload

  • Date of Birth

  • Contact Details including Emergency Contact

  • You may also connect to Google and Facebook, which will allow you to sign in with the same email that you used to register with them.

Note: if you signed up and logged in via Facebook, Google or Apple, you will not be able to set your preferred name.

Within the Deputy Mobile App you can also access and edit this same information from the Me tab and select the Edit Profile option.

Starting and Ending Your Shift

We’ve made timesheets easy. Deputy lets you log your worked hours in a number of ways. You can use your smartphone, a web browser, or if your manager has set it up, an iPad.

Start your Shift via Kiosk/Time Clock

Please note that the instructions below are applicable for the iOS Kiosk and the Android Time Clock.

If your manager has set up a Kiosk/Time Clock, you can clock in via the following methods:

  • Touchless Clock In with iOS or Android

    • Present your face to the devices' camera and use Face Unlock to login.

    • Say "Start Shift" to commence your shift.

  • Login via PIN

    • Select your name from the list and enter your PIN

    • Click on the Start Shift button or say "Start Shift"

Some employers may have it set so that it takes a photo when you clock in via the Kiosk/Time Clock app. This is just to ensure that you’re actually there and working the shift, instead of getting a co-worker to clock in and out for you.

Ending your shift works exactly the same way - login to the Kiosk / Time Clock and say "End Shift".

Start your Shift via Web Browser

You can also start your shift via a web browser. To do this, log into Deputy at

On the left-hand side of the ‘Me’ page, you will see your scheduled shift details. Click Start Shift to begin your shift.

Start your Shift with iOS and Android App

Much like the web browser version, the iOS and Android applications are simple to use. All you need to do is head over to the ‘Me’ tab. Your shift details will be displayed, as well as a Start Shift button.

Note that your employer may need you to have Location Settings/GPS turned on (you can do this in your phone options). This is to ensure that you are starting your shift at your work location.

Note, we do not continuously track the location of the users. The location is only captured at the start of a shift, start/end of a meal break and at end of a shift.

For more information about location capture or access permissions on the mobile app read Location Capture and Data Access and Permissions and Data Usage.

Start/Stop your Shift via SMS

If your organisation has enabled it, it's also possible to start and stop your shifts using SMS. Read this guide on how to start, stop and take breaks for your timesheet using SMS.

How to Check When You are Working and Timesheets

There are many ways to check when you’re working next. You can check on the ‘Me’ tab on the web browser and smartphone apps and it will display your shifts.

Alternatively, you can request your manager to send an email or SMS when your shifts are published.

Check your Shifts and Timesheets via Web Browser

To check your schedule you can go to the ‘Me’ tab, which will give you a weekly overview, including shifts that you’ve done, and shifts you are scheduled for later in the week.

To see timesheets for shifts worked, you can click your name in the top right-hand corner, and when the drop-down menu appears, click ‘Your Profile’ to see timesheets in progress, pending and approved.

Check your Shifts and Timesheets via mobile App

You can also check your schedule and recent timesheets via the mobile app. Simply navigate to the ‘Me’ tab, tap Upcoming Shifts to see your schedule and Timesheets to view your recent timesheets.

Applying for Leave or Setting Unavailability

Notify your employer you wish to take holiday, sick or other leave. Your manager will approve or decline any leave that you apply for. Once approved, your manager will not be able to schedule you on to shifts for that approved period.

You can also set unavailability for particular dates or times along with a reason such as university classes or football practice. The manager will be informed that you have indicated you are unavailable during this time but may still choose to schedule you on to shifts if required.

Applying via web browser

On the 'Me' page, click on Request Time off and you will be taken to the Profile menu. Here you can Add New to apply for leave or enter unavailability.


Under Unavailability, you can Add New to choose a specific date or date range.

Turn off "All day" to indicate unavailability during a portion of the day.

If it is a recurring date that you will be unavailable to work, for example, on a Friday every week, you can set this to occur Weekly. 

You can also enter a reason for setting unavailability. While this does not guarantee that you cannot work, it means that the time/date you’ve applied for will be placed under consideration when they work out the next schedule.


The Leave page looks much like the Unavailability page with a few important differences. When applying for leave you cannot have it repeat, as you can for Unavailability.

You need to enter a leave type and also enter the manager’s names whom you wish to notify. This is because the leave request can be Approved or Declined by this manager. The manager can also leave a ‘note’ in your request once it’s approved or denied to explain why it was or wasn’t granted.

Your leave requests and approval status can be viewed on your profile. It will look like the following:

Applying via mobile App

Applying for leave and setting unavailability on your smartphone app works the same as the web browser.

Simply navigate to the ‘Me’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Time Off’ section. Now tap on the appropriate button (Leave or Unavailability). On the next page, tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner, enter the leave or unavailability details as described for the web application and submit the form.

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