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This guide will show you how to upgrade to a paid plan in Deputy as a System Administrator.

We will cover:

Getting Started with a Free Trial of Deputy

When you sign up to Deputy, you are initially placed on a free trial plan. You can add extra days to your trial period by completing tasks to learn more about getting started with Deputy.

Once the trial period does expire, your data will be frozen until you upgrade to a paid plan. You are given an option to 'Reset' your trial, but this will delete the data you have previously inputted into the system and you will have to start from scratch setting up your account.

To help you decide which paid plan has the features you need, please read Plans and Pricing.

Upgrading to a Paid Plan

To upgrade to a paid plan:

1. Log into your account at once.deputy.com or click on Account Overview in the drop-down menu under your name.

2. Click Trial ends in ... days. Subscribe now for the Business account you would like to upgrade.

3. Select the Plan tab from the left-hand side and click on the Choose ... Plan button for the plan you would like to upgrade to.

Payment Details

From here you will need to set up your billing details:

  1. Select your preferred payment method from the tabs at the top and enter your payment details:

    • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)

    • Direct Debit (AU US and UK only)

    • Paypal

2. Confirm your Order Summary:

If you choose Monthly Billing you will be billed for the number of users currently in your account and any additional users added during the month will be reflected in your monthly invoice.

If you choose Annual Billing you will receive a discount of up to 9% on the monthly price and you will need to select the number of users you wish to pre-pay for. You can still add additional users during the 12-month term. You will then be billed for the pro rata amount remaining on the 12-month term for the number of users you add.

Note: users are defined for billing purposes as active people (not archived) with a Deputy account assigned to your business. This includes System Administrators and Managers.

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