We’ve introduced two-factor authentication for those seeking extra security with their Deputy logins. Here’s a guide on what it is, how to activate it and how to use it.

Getting Started

You will need to download the Authenticator application from your phone’s respective app stores.
Windows Phone

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA allows you to have an extra layer of security. While a password can be hacked, having an authenticator means that hackers will physically need your phone in order to access your account. An authenticator is an application that generates a code that is active for a short time. When you log into your Deputy account, you will also need to enter the code provided by the Authenticator before you are able to access your account.

How to Activate 2FA

To activate 2FA, sign into your Deputy account, then hit ‘Edit Account’. 

Now navigate to the ‘Security’ tab and hit ‘Enable two-factor authentication’. 

Now open the Authenticator app on your device and click ‘Begin Setup’.  

You will be given two options, ‘Scan Barcode’ and ‘Manual Entry’. 

The app will ask for permission to use the phone camera if you select ‘Scan Barcode’. This is to scan the QR code to link the Authenticator to your Deputy account.

If you select ‘Manual Entry’, you will need the code combination displayed in the 2FA set-up box.

When you scan the QR code, your Authenticator and Deputy account will be linked. You will need to then enter the code in the box to complete the link.

How to Use 2FA

When you log into Deputy, you will be faced with a second screen before you are able to access your account.

Open up your Authenticator app and enter the code into the box.

30 Day Token

If you find yourself having to use Two-Factor Authentication a lot, you can select a simple checkbox that allows Deputy to remember you for 30 days. Simply click the checkbox as shown in the screenshot below.

Please note that this token is URL and computer specific. If you access another Deputy URL, or use another computer, you will need to re-enter your Two-Factor Authentication code.

Having Issues?

There may be times that your code isn't being sent to your mobile, via SMS or the Google Authenticator application. In these cases, you can message our 24/7 Chat Support and we can remove the authenticator on your app so that you can set it up again.

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