Applying for leave


On the website, please click on your profile found in the top right corner of your screen. From there, please scroll down to "Leave", then click "Add New". Now please select the beginning and end date of the leave. If the first or last day of leave will not take a full day, please deselect "All Day" and select your starting or ending time. This will allow you to take part of a day off.

After selecting the first and last days of leave, please add a comment with some information about your request and the type of leave you need to take. Finally, please choose the manager to notify and click "Add". This will send the request to your manager.

Smartphone (iOS)

First, please open the Deputy app. Next, tap "Profile" on the right of the Navigation Bar. On your Profile screen, please tap "Leave".

On the resulting screen, please click the "+" symbol in the top right corner to create a leave request.

Next, please fill in the details of your leave request. You will need to add a comment and choose a manager to notify.

Check all the details, then tap 'Done' when you are finished.


First, log into the Kiosk and tap the 'Schedule' tab.

On the schedule page, tap the + icon, then select 'Request Leave'.

From here, enter your reason for leave, the leave dates/range, the type of leave you are taking and the managers you would like to notify. When you are ready to send in the leave request, tap 'Done' in the top right-hand corner.

To submit unavailability

To Mark Availability follow the below instructions:

  1. Same as leave request, you can submit unavailability via web browser, smartphone and Kiosk. Clicking on "Unavailability" will result in a box being shown where you can add details of the days you are unable to work. You select the day from the calendar then check whether you want this day to be recurring every week or not. There is also a choice for if the shift is all day and if not then you select the time range. 
  2. After submission, you should be able to see your unavailability summary in the preview. NOTE: Marking yourself as unavailable will not mean that you are exempt from being rostered on these days but tells your employer that you have marked yourself unavailable so they can select available people first. Thus is also why unavailability doesn't require manager's approval for submission.
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