How to Login to Profile on Deputy

How to Login to Profile on Deputy

To login to my profile and get overview of what your Deputy profile looks like follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the

2. Once at this page click the “Log In” button which is located in the top right this will direct you to the Login page.

3. Once at the Login page enter in your email address along with the password created for that account. An example is seen below.

4. Entering the correct email and password combination means you have successfully login to profile and being directed to your employee homepage which looks like the below image. To edit your profile you can click on the “Edit Profile” button.

5. Below your profile you will see all the organizations you are currently connected to as well as an option to add another organization.

Alternatively, login to your Deputy account by going to and using your login details here.

Connecting to your organisation?

  1. Click ‘View’ in the box that corresponds to the business you would like to enter.

2. After clicking the company name you will now be on the company home page where you will be redirected to the News Feed.

3. You also have several other tabs on the top navigation bar dependant on your role permissions. Generally, you will see Me, News Feed, and Tasks.


What happens to my data if I leave the organisation?

If you happen to leave the organisation your Global deputy profile will remain however it will no longer be associated with the organisation, so you will no longer receive communication from them or see them when you log into your account. If you require any work history information you should contact the Administrator of that organisation.

You can keep your Global Deputy profile and it can be associated with another organisation should they be using Deputy to manage their people.

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