This article is written for users with System Administrator access in Deputy and Administrator access in MYOB AccountRight Live (MYOB AR) and will cover:


1. Settings you need to configure BEFORE you connect MYOB AR and Deputy

Before you can connect Deputy to MYOB AccountRight Live you need to create (or already have) an MYOB Account Right company file and put it online, as explained by the MYOB team here.

It is important you ensure that your MYOB company file is set to ONLINE prior to authorising the connection with Deputy.

Then open MYOB on your desktop and connect to the account you'd like to link with Deputy. On the resulting page, you'll be asked to log on as a user of that account. Please note that you must be an administrator in the account for the integration to work. You'll see the check box option to link the user ID to your my.MYOB account just below the option to log in.

Please click the checkbox, then click OK.

Next, click on the Setup menu and select Preferences

Then in the System tab Check the check box for 'I use Timesheets for...' and select either Time Billing and Payroll or just Payroll from the drop-down menu depending on your organisation needs. Ensure that your week starts on the same day in MYOB AR and Deputy.

2. Connecting MYOB Account Right Live and Deputy

After you have configured MYOB AR Live, you'll need to link your Deputy account with your MYOB account from the Deputy side.

Read Connecting New Integrations for an introduction to connecting to third party systems.

To connect MYOB AR to Deputy Premium accounts, click on Integrations from the System administrator's profile menu.

Select MYOB AccountRight Live, or type it in the search field if you don't see it.

Click Connect new location.

Select the location in Deputy you wish to connect to MYOB AR Live.

Now enter your MYOB login details to allow Deputy to connect.

3. Employee Step up in MYOB

Deputy uses the following four identifiers to match up your team members in Deputy and MYOB AR:

  • Payroll ID (Deputy) to Card ID (in MYOB)

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email address

You will need to check these fields are identical in both systems. If your employee uses their middle name, please place that name in the same text box in both Deputy and MYOB AR.

To check employee information in MYOB AR go to the Card File icon then select Cards List then Profile tab and check that these six fields are set correctly as a minimum:

  • The Card Type: Employee

  • Designation: Individual (will not export if this is set as company)

  • Last Name: Identical to the last name in Deputy

  • First Name: Identical to the first name in Deputy

  • Card ID: Identical to Payroll ID in Deputy

  • Email: Identical to email address in Deputy

Next, click on the Payroll Details tab in Card Information and select Wages. Ensure that the Pay Basis says Hourly (for hourly workers).

Adjust your Hourly Workers' 'Standard Pay' in MYOB AR

If you are paying your hourly workers according to hours exported from Deputy timesheets, you will need to remove the Standard Pay value from the Base Hourly field in their card information in MYOB AR.

Note: You do not need to do this for salaried workers, who do not get paid by the hour. Their timesheets will not be exported from Deputy to MYOB AR.

To remove the Standard Pay value in MYOB AR from the hourly worker's card information:

  • Go to 'Card File' and select 'Cards List', then select 'Employee'

  • Select the employee that you will be exporting timesheets for, then click 'Payroll Details'

  • Select the 'Standard Pay' tab

  • Under Payroll Category 'Base Hourly' click the text box under 'Hours' and delete the value

  • Click 'OK' when you're finished.

    If you do not remove this value then when the hours from the Deputy timesheets are exported into MYOB, it will incorrectly add the exported hours on top of these standard hours.

Are you exporting default hourly pay rates OR pay rates from the pay rate library?

For the next step, you will need to determine if your team members pay rates are entered into Deputy using the:

Default hourly pay rate fields OR our preconfigured pay rate library:

If you are exporting timesheets that rely on rates entered in our default hourly pay rate fields follow section 4a.

If you are exporting timesheets that rely on rates entered from our pre-configured pay rate library skip to section 4b.

4a. Exporting to MYOB AR from Deputy accounts that use the default pay rate fields

Pay Rate Setup and Pay Rate Matching

When exporting to MYOB, you can use the integration with Deputy to sort your employees' worked hours into these four categories:

  • Base hourly rates

  • Saturday rates

  • Sunday rates

  • Public Holiday rates.

To sort these automatically when exporting from Deputy to MYOB AR, you'll need to name the wage categories in MYOB AR as follows:

  • Saturday rates should have Sat or Saturday in the name.

  • Sunday rates should use Sun or Sunday in the name. I

  • If the rate applies on a public holiday, it should have PH in the name.

The name doesn't need to be anything in particular, as long as it uses the condition in the name. As an example "Saturday Pay Rate", "Sat Pay", and "Hours on a Saturday" are all equally valid and will work.

If you do not have a Wages category (pay rate) set up for one of these conditions already in MYOB AR, you may create and name it:

  • Click Payroll

  • Select Payroll Categories

  • In the Wages tab, click on New

Type in the name of your new wage category and select the Hourly option for type of wage. Complete the other wage information according to your organisation's policies.

Then click OK.

Once you have set up the wage categories you require in MYOB, then you need to add them to the relevant employee's Payroll Details in their Card Information.

Click on Wages and select the relevant wage categories for the employee.

You will see the wages categories that have been selected now appear in the Standard Pay tab. The hours must be set at zero for Base Hourly before export.

Exporting from Deputy to MYOB AR

Once you have completed the previous configuration tasks in MYOB please complete the following tasks in Deputy:

  • Payroll ID matches the MYOB AR Employee Card ID.

  • Employee first name and last names in Deputy match identically to MYOB AR

  • The hourly weekday (base rate), Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday pay rates have been entered into Deputy for each employee.

  • Timesheets for the employees have been approved in Deputy for the required date range.

Now you are ready to export to MYOB AR. From the Timesheets menu in Deputy, click Export Timesheets.

First select your location in the top left corner, as well as the desired date range for your export.

Select the employees' timesheets you'd like to export, either individually or Select All, if appropriate. Remember to only export hourly worker timesheets. Salaried workers timesheets in Deputy are not exported to MYOB AR.

Click Export Selected Items.

You can see on the next screen which payroll application you are connected to and the company file within MYOB AR.

Click Export.

Note: the check box that states "Replace MYOB's base hourly rate with Deputy's base hourly rate". Ticking this will update the hourly rate of the employee on their card file in MYOB. It will not change the rates of the payroll categories within MYOB AR.

Once you have exported, you will see a success message pop up. If not, see Troubleshooting.

After exporting, please go to Payroll in AccountRight Live. Click Process Payroll then select the dates matching the export date from Deputy and you will see your timesheets displayed below.

You may now process your payroll in MYOB AR as usual.

Deputy comes preconfigured with a range of pay rate libraries installed. In Australia, these are called Awards. If you have selected a pre-configured pay rate library to apply to your hourly workers in Deputy then please follow these instructions to export to MYOB AR.

4b. Exporting to MYOB AR from Deputy accounts that use the Pay Rate Library

Deputy pushes our Pay Rate Library rates to MYOB AR when you export the timesheet. Any pay rules attached to an employee in Deputy will be pushed to the employee within MYOB.

The wage categories in MYOB AR will be automatically populated with the rules exported from Deputy after you export the timesheets containing those pay rates.

As per the pay rates assigned to an employee in Deputy:

In the example below, you can see that the specific wage rules have been automatically assigned to the particular employee with MYOB after being pushed across with the timesheet export.

Exporting Timesheets with Pay Rate Library Rates

When exporting pay rates library rates you will see that some of the pay rates have very long names. MYOB AR Live has a limitation in that it can only accept wage category names that are shorter than 31 characters. You can read more about how to handle this limitation in our troubleshooting section.

Therefore, we need to amend the name of the export code in the timesheet to ensure it is not longer than 31 characters.

To prevent any duplicates within MYOB, you could also edit the export code to match any existing pay items within MYOB if they are already configured there.

To edit these export codes in Deputy, select Group by Pay Rate in Exporting Timesheets.

Then edit the relevant field in the Export Code category.

Remember to click Save if you have made any changes.

Now click Export Selected Items

In the next window, you can see which payroll application you are exporting to and the name of your company file within MYOB AR that you are already connected to.

Click Export.

Note: Ticking the check box that states "Replace MYOB's base hourly rate with Deputy's base hourly rate" will update the hourly rate of the employee on their card file in MYOB. It will not change the rates of the payroll categories within MYOB AR.

You can read more about why we recommend ticking this check box when you export.

Troubleshooting and Limitations

Troubleshooting and Limitations

Why can't I connect Deputy to my MYOB AR account?

  • Have you put the MYOB account online?

  • Do you have administrator access to MYOB AR? User permissions can be managed in MYOB under Setup > User access

  • For "Access denied with error code 401 " {"Message": "Access denied }" error messages upon trying to connect please read this article.

I am connected to my MYOB AR account in Deputy but the timesheet export fails - why is this?

  • Have you ticked the check box in MYOB AR Set up > System preferences to indicate you will be using use Timesheets in MYOB AR?

  • It's possible that if you missed a step in the order of setting up your MYOB AR account (even if you went back and fixed it) BEFORE you connected to Deputy then the export will fail. If you are having persistent export problems, please disconnect the MYOB AR connection in Integrations and then reconnect it again in Deputy, once you have confirmed MYOB AR has been set up correctly according to steps 1-3 in this article.

Can I use Deputy timesheets to record my salaried workers hours and export them to MYOB AR?

  • No, the integration only allows exporting of hourly workers timesheets from Deputy to MYOB AR.

Why does Deputy give an error during export that my employee does not exist?

  • Ensure that the employee first and last name in Deputy and MYOB match exactly. Any middle names need to be in the same field on both applications.

  • Ensure the Payroll ID in Deputy matches with the MYOB AR Card ID for this team member.

  • Ensure they are designated as employees in their Card Information and that they are an 'Individual' not a 'Company'.

Tell me more about the 31 character limitation on wage category names in MYOB AR.

  • In MYOB AR Live, the Export Code is limited to only 31 characters.

  • Many pay rate library names are much longer than 31 characters so need to be manually edited to less than 31 characters to work with MYOB AR exports.

  • You are able to edit the export code in the Deputy timesheet yourself before you export it. However, if you are setting up many awards or many items within an award to export and having problems with the 31 character limitation we suggest you call our 24/7 support for assistance so we can help you ensure that all the items you are exporting are edited to the correct length. Just one export code that is too long will cause an export error.

  • Since the shortened export codes will ultimately be pushed to your MYOB AR account you should consider what you want the codes to be amended to that will be meaningful to you in your MYOB AR account.

  • Deputy will push all valid pay rate library pay rates/award items through to MYOB AR on the first push (first export). This push includes the creation of pay rules and assignment of multiplier values

  • On subsequent exports/pushes, Deputy will look for matches in export codes and pay rules. If Deputy does not find a match it will create the pay rule again in MYOB. Therefore, you should be careful to ensure that export codes for the same pay rate remain constant if you wish to avoid unnecessary duplication in MYOB AR.

  • You only need to shorten an export code once, Deputy will remember it for the next time you export that code. However, if you change an award pay rate in Deputy (eg. the employee gets a pay rise), even if it's for an existing assigned pay rate library/award then the integration will treat it as a new pay rate and reset the export code to push across to MYOB AR so you will need to manually change it to the assigned export code shorter than 31 characters.

Why should I tick the box during export to allow Deputy to replace MYOB's base hourly rate?

  • Deputy always creates award items in MYOB as multipliers of the employees base rate. To ensure the correct pay is getting sent through the "Replace MYOB's base hourly rate with Deputy's base hourly rate" should always be ticked.

    • For example - GRIA M-F Ordinary will be a 1x multiplier of the employees Base Hourly Rate

What happens if I don't set my hourly workers' standard hours to zero before exporting timesheets from Deputy?

  • If there is a numerical value left in there, then when the timesheets are exported into MYOB the hours in the timesheets will be added on top of the standard hours.

Still need help? Please get in contact with our 24/7 support for assistance

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