Before You Start

Before exporting to MYOB AccountRight Live, create an MYOB file and set it online, as explained by the MYOB team here.

If you cannot connect MYOB to Deputy, please ensure that your MYOB Company File is set to ONLINE prior to authorising the connection.

After that, you'll need to link your Deputy account with your MYOB account. To do this, please open MYOB on your desktop and connect to the account you'd like to link with Deputy. On the resulting page, you'll be asked to log on as a user in that account. Please note that you must be an administrator in the account for the integration to work. You'll see the option to link the account just below the option to log in, as shown below. Please click the checkbox, then "OK".

After doing so, you'll need to connect MYOB on the Deputy side. To do so, please log into Deputy and go to the Locations tab. Next please click "Settings" next to the name of the organisation, then click "Payroll" on the left side. There you'll see an option to connect to MYOB as shown. Please click "Connect" there and you'll be asked to enter your details again.

Standard Pay

If you are paying your employees via timesheets, you will need to remove this from MYOB for all employees (except those that are Salaried workers).


  • Go to 'Card File' and select 'Cards List', then select 'Employee

  • Select the employee that you will be exporting timesheets for, then click 'Payroll Details'

  • Select the 'Standard Pay' tab

  • Under 'Base Hourly' click the text box under 'Hours' and delete it

  • Click 'Ok' when you're finished

Pay Rates And Employee Setup

Pay Rate Matching

When exporting to MYOB, you can use the integration to sort your employees' hours into their Base Hourly, Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday rates. To sort these automatically, you'll need to name the pay categories as follows: Saturday rates should have Sat or Saturday in the name. Sunday rates should use Sun or Sunday in the name. If the rate applies on a public holiday, it should have PH in the name. The name doesn't need to be anything in particular, as long as it uses the condition in the name. As an example "Saturday Pay Rate", "Sat Pay", and "Hours on a Saturday" are all equally valid and will work.

If you do not have a Wages category (pay rate) set up for one of these conditions, you may create and name it in MYOB under Payroll->Payroll Categories->Wages.

Employee Setup

Before you get started, you'll need to make sure that the Employee Time Sheet Export Code (People->Profile->Employement details->Timesheet export code) matches the Employee Card ID in MYOB. You will also need to check that Employee Names are identical in both systems. If your employee uses their middle name, please place that name in the same box in both Deputy and MYOB. This can be found under "Card File", then under your "Cards List".

Please note that you may only export the timesheets of employees who are NOT on salary in MYOB (Cards File->Employee->Payroll Details->Wages). Please make sure you deselect any salaried employees before exporting from Deputy. Additionally, employee cards in MYOB must be given the designation "Individual" rather than "Company" as Company cards are not valid to export.
In MYOB, please select the relevant pay rates for the employee as shown below.

Exporting To MYOB

Assuming that you have applied the rates to the employees, connected the account and approved the timesheets for the period in Deputy, you are ready to export. First, please click "Timesheets" at the top of the screen, then click "Export Timesheets".

Next please select your location in the top left corner, as well as the desired date range for your export. After doing so please select the employees and timesheets you'd like to export, as shown above. After that, please select "MYOB AccountRight Cloud Export", then click "Export". You'll see which company you are connected to.

After exporting, please go to Payroll in AccountRight Live. If you click "Process Payroll" in the centre of the screen then select the dates matching the export date in Deputy you will see your timesheets displayed below. You may now process your payroll in MYOB as usual.

Pay Rate Library

Deputy currently pushes our Pay Rate Library rates to MYOB. Any pay rules attached to an employee will be pushed to the employee within MYOB.

In the screenshot above, the wage rules will populate with the rules exported from Deputy.

In the screenshot below,  you can see that we can apply these specific wage rules to employees within MYOB.

Exporting Pay Rate Library Rates

To prevent any duplicates within MYOB, you can edit the export code to match any existing pay items within MYOB. To edit these, select 'Group by Pay Rate' in Exporting Timesheets. Then edit the relevant field in the 'Export Code' category.

Remember to click 'Save' if you have made any changes.

Export Code Limitations

Please note that in MYOB AR Live, the Export Codes is limited to only 31 characters. You will need to match the relevant pay item from MYOB into the following Export Code field within Deputy.

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