Before You Start

To setup employee's salary you will need to be either a Location Manager or System Administrator. Please note that salaried employees do not display a shift cost, as a salary is based on an annual basis rather than per shift.

How To Designate Salaried Staff

To set an employee as salaried, please first go to the People page. Once there, please scroll down to or search for the employee you'd like to mark as salaried. After doing so, please click "Options" then "Edit" to the right of their name, as shown below.

Doing so will bring up their profile. Next scroll to the bottom, where you will see the Pay Rates section. Please click the first option, "Pay Rates". This will display a dropdown menu for you. Please select the Salary option.

If you are using Xero and your employees is salaried, please click "External (Xero Payroll)" instead.

After selecting the salary option as above you will be able to set the value of the employee's salary. To do so, type it into the field displayed. Please use numbers without punctation such as full stops or commas. After entering the salary, click "Save" at the bottom of the employee's profile.

After the employee's salary has been entered, it will be factored into your weekly costing. As shown below, the employee will not have the cost assigned to them. It will instead be assigned to the location, as shown.

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