How to find the employee you wish to change

In order to change employee’s availability, you will either need to be the employee in question, or have permission to edit employees.

  • Log in via
  • Once you have logged in navigate to the People tab. This will display all employees in your organisation
  • You can choose to apply a filter to narrow down the list or start typing an employee’s name.
  • You should now see the employee you wish to change in the employee list.

How to change employee’s availability

  1. Click the view button to the right of the employee’s name (Note: do NOT click arrow and edit, click straight on view).
  2. You will be presented with the Employee Details pane which slides out from the right.
  3. In this pane you will be presented with many powerful options which you can use to manage your employees. For now, click Add New to the right of Unavailability.
  4. Another pane will slide out. Here set the date of unavailability.
  5. You can choose whether unavailability is all day or part of the day.
  6. You can then choose whether or not the unavailability repeats weekly or not. This is useful for employees who, for example, have a sporting commitment every Saturday afternoon.
  7. Click Add.
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