What is unavailability?

Unavailability can be used to block an employee's calendar when they are unable to work. Unavailability appears on the schedule so that a manager or scheduler is aware when the employee is not able to work.

Unavailability does not require a manager's approval and they can override it by adding a shift. If the manager chooses to override with a shift, they will get a warning that the employee marked themselves as unavailable and the employee will get a notification that a shift was added.

You should discuss your policies around adding unavailability to ensure they follow company guidelines or policies. Generally most businesses require approval for time off such as leave, PTO or vacation.

The unavailability starting page in the Deputy app reminds the employee that they should use the leave function for time off that requires approval.

On the web

In order to add or delete an employee’s unavailability you need to have permission to edit employees.

To find the employee

Navigate to either the People Tab or to the Schedule View to find the employee. 

The People Tab

The Schedule View

To access Unavailability select the 'View', then select 'Unavailability' from the list in the pop-up. You will immediately see a list of future unavailabilities for the employee.

Employee Profile View

Add an employee’s unavailability

  1. Click on the 'Add' button to create a new unavailability entry.

  2. You can choose from multiple options to create unavailability for different time periods and frequency:

  • a single day

  • a time range on a single day

  • a date range

  • recurring every

  • every week

  • every 2 weeks

  • every 4 weeks

  • every month on a specific day of the week

  • every month on a specific date

Add Unavailability Pop-up

3. When you are done setting the unavailable times and dates, add a reason so you can refer back to it, then click 'Add' to save.

Delete an employee’s unavailability

Click on the trash bin icon next to the unavailability entry you want to delete.

On mobile

To find the employee

  • Login to the Deputy app on your mobile device.

  • Tap the people icon to go to the list of employees and tap the employee name.

Add unavailability

  1. Scroll down the employee profile until you find unavailability.

  2. Tap 'Unavailability'.

  3. Tap the add icon to add new unavailability.

  4. When you are done setting the unavailable times and dates, click 'Add' to save.

Employee Profile

Delete an employee’s unavailability

On iOS

Swipe left to delete, or
Click on the unavailability entry and then click delete on the next screen.

On Android

Long press the unavailability entry then click ‘YES’ to confirm deletion.

Additional Notes
Only future unavailability is shown in the list views. Unavailability in the past is removed from the list automatically but will still display on the day in past schedules.

Unavailability cannot be added if a shift already exists at the same time of the unavailability. (Including an unpublished shift.)

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