The Deputy iPad Kiosk can be used at your workplace for team members to clock on and clock off.  It is a free download and setup generally only takes a few minutes to get it going.

If you have an Android tablet, check out this guide to set up the Android Time Clock.

In this guide we'll cover:

Getting Started

What you will need to set up the Deputy Kiosk:

  • iPad or iPhone running iOS 12.0 or later (we do recommend running the latest iOS version)

  • Consistent access to the internet (you can use the Kiosk in offline mode but some Kiosk features are restricted)

  • Downloaded the Deputy Kiosk app from the App store.

  • A Deputy user with an access level of System Administrator or a Location Manager to set up the Kiosk. Employees or Supervisors cannot set up a Kiosk.

Set Up the iPad Kiosk

1. After you've downloaded the Kiosk app, open it and tap Log In.

2. On the next screen, enter the email address and password associated with your Deputy System Administrator or Location Manager account.

3. After logging in, you will need to select the Kiosk name, the correct organisation, and the correct location you would like to associate the Kiosk with.

4. Choose whether to allow your team to log in to the Kiosk by FaceUnlock or PIN only.

5. Tap Finish.

6. Tap OK to allow access to speech recognition and the microphone to allow your team to use their voice to Start and End Shifts for Touchless Clock In.

7. Tap Allow while Using App to allow the Kiosk to use your location services to determine the shift location start and end location.

8. You will also need to tap OK to allow access to the device's camera so that you can use FaceUnlock and take photos of team members to verify the start and end of shifts for timesheets.

Tips and Recommendations

Please note that Team Members:

  • will use their PIN to clock on/off from shifts and breaks (or FaceUnlock if it was allowed at Step 5 above)

  • can find their PIN on the email that invited them to Deputy

  • can have their PIN resent to them by clicking on Forgot Pin? at the Kiosk

  • can change their PIN by logging onto Deputy website or using the Deputy mobile app.

  • without a PIN, mobile number or email address to retrieve a PIN, can provide a photo to log in. Please note when team members use a photo, it will only allow them to start and stop their shift. No private information such as availability or tasks will be shown.

Kiosk Set Up Recommendations

  • Kiosks are set up per Location and will only show a list of team members for that Location. For more on Locations check out this Getting Started Guide. If a team member is working from a different location than they usually would, then they need to be scheduled for a shift at that location for their name to appear in the Kiosk.

  • Set up the Kiosk tablet with a constant power supply so you never need to come back to it to recharge

  • Enable Guided Access controls on the iPad Kiosk to prevent team members from downloading apps or browsing illicit sites.

  • Mount the Kiosk in a case that will stop it from being tampered with.

  • Ensure the Kiosk is installed at head height level if you choose to enable photo verification for the kiosk.

  • For enterprises or multi-location businesses, consider deploying with a tool such as Meraki or AirWatch.

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