Before You Start

Deputy Mobile and Kiosk iOS apps can be deployed and self-configured with correct user credentials using Apple's MDM initiative. Benefits include remote management of Deputy and not having to worry about username/passwords etc. E.g. imagine you are a corporation who has hundreds/thousands of employees as well as dozens of sites where Deputy Kiosk needs to be installed/maintained. As opposed to worrying about username/passwords, specific accounts, MDM will allow you to remote provision Deputy Apps into the devices without having to use any Deputy username or password!
In order to use MDM provisioning, you must be have System Administrator Access in Deputy as well as administrative access to an AirWatch MDM account. Also the user you are trying to provision account for, must be an user you can view/manage in Deputy as per access levels. The user must also have a verified Deputy account.
Deputy can work with any MDM solution provider. For this example, we are going to use AirWatch (by VMWare) and we will configure the Deputy Kiosk iOS app. Deputy Mobile app configuration is exactly the same.

Get Deputy App Domain And Domain Token

You will need to get an OAuth token in order to auto configure the user credentials. Login into your Deputy account via a desktop web browser. In the URL address bar, go to /exec/devapp/oauth_clients . Eg. if your Deputy install URL is , then you will need to go to

Click “New OAuth Client” and use the following info below to setup a new client. Click “Save This OAuth Client”

Then in the page as below, click “Get An Access Token”. Copy/Note down the accessToken shown in the alert.

Please keep this token private. Do not give it to anyone or your users!

Adding The App

In AirWatch, go to “Apps and Books” → “Public” → “Add Application”

Search for Deputy Kiosk and select.


In the deployment tab, tick the following boxes:

  • Remove On Unenroll

  • Prevent Application Backup

  • Send Application Configuration

Now enter the following Application Configuration:

  • DPDomain : It is your Deputy Domain where you received the token from. Please remove any http or https from it or URL paths. Just the fully qualified domain name. E.g.

  • DPUserEmail : The email address of the user. This should be auto populated from the email address of the user that the device is allocated to. In AirWatch configuration, it's {EmailAddress}. The device must be provisioned to this email address and it must match a email address of a Deputy user in the above deputy subdomain.

  • DPAdminToken : This is the token you have received in step 1.

When the application is provisioned via MDM to the device, Deputy App will check for this values and use this to validate and login the user. This will avoid the login screens and will head straight in a logged in state for the user.

Deploy And Install

In order to provision the application, follow standard AirWatch's guide on how to provision to devices.

Please note, the device may need to have an iTunes account enabled already for it to receive an app. Once it receives the install commands, Deputy should be provisioned and at initial launch, it will bypass the login stage.

Deputy iPhone App

The Deputy iPhone app can be configured exactly the same way as above. Search of Deputy as opposed to Deputy Kiosk in step 2 above.

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