Viewing schedule for Deputy can be delivered in multiple ways:

  • Via PUSH notification if you have Deputy Mobile Apps (iOS or Android)
  • Via SMS if your mobile/cell number is stored in Deputy
  • Via Email, if your email address is stored in Deputy
  • Via your calendar software on a computer or mobile device with internet connection.

Subscribing Via Email

In order to sync your calendar software with Deputy, you must receive at least the first email schedule from your manager. At the bottom of this email, you will notice a link:

A pop-up will appear, which will open your calendar application. Click 'Launch Application'.

If using the Calendar application on an Apple computer:

The Calendar app will open. Simply click 'Subscribe' to add your schedule to your calendar.

Subscribing via Deputy

To subscribe via Deputy, simply log into your Deputy account, then navigate to your profile. From here, click the button that says, 'Add your Shifts to your personal calendar app'.

In the pop-up box that appears, click 'Copy Link'. The button will confirm the click and will display a 'Copied' message in place of the 'Copy Link' button. Note: Clicking subscribe will be produce the same effect as subscribing via email. This works for external calendar applications, but not for online calendars such as Google Calendar.

The following is an example of if you would like to add your shifts to Google Calendar.

Open up Google Calendar. On the left side, click the arrow next to 'Other Calendars' and click 'Add by URL'.

In the following pop-up box, simply paste the copied calendar link and click 'Add Calendar'.

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