Keep track of your schedule in a calendar app!

In this article, we will cover:

  • choose who your employees share their schedule with

  • how can you sync your schedule to a calendar app

Choose who to share schedules with

System Admins can select who your employees can share schedules with.

In Business settings > Schedule tab, you have the ability to select who your employees can share their schedule with. Choose from one of the options:

  • allow anyone to with the calendar link to sync - anyone who has access to the calendar link will be able to sync the schedule into their app

  • require Deputy login to sync - users will be prompted to login to generate a calendar link

  • do not allow sync for anyone - no calendar links will be generated or accessible to share

Sync via shift email

You can sync your schedule from the email you received with your shift details. At the bottom of the email, click Sync to my Calendar

Using Windows

A pop-up will appear, which will open your calendar application. Click 'Launch Application'.

Using a Mac

Open the downloaded calendar and select which calendar you want to it add into.

To sync via Deputy, simply log into your Deputy account, then navigate to your profile. From here, click Add your Shifts to your personal calendar app.

In the pop-up modal, click Copy Link to copy the calendar link and follow the instructions below it

If you click Subscribe, open the download calendar and follow the prompts depending on which app you are syncing to.

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