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Summary of Typical Calendar Sync Frequency

Sync Method

Typical Sync Frequency

WebCal link to Google Calendar

every 8-24 hours

WebCal link to Apple Calendar on Mac

as set by user in Calendar settings

WebCal link to iOS mobile Calendar

'Fetch' frequency can be set by user in Calendar settings

WebCal link to Outlook internet calendar

up to 24 hours

.ics file download to your chosen Calendar application

one-off shift download, NOT an ongoing sync

How to Sync Your Schedule via the Deputy Web Application

In the Deputy web application, click on your Profile.

Click on Add your Shifts to your personal calendar app.

A window will pop up giving you the option of selecting what type of calendar sync you'd like to perform:

You now can choose between setting up an ongoing synchronisation between Deputy and your Calendar with a Web Cal Link or download an ics calendar file to add the current shifts only to your Calendar.

Using a WebCal link to sync to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook

If you choose to sync via a Webcal link, you only need to add the link once to your Calendar and it will continue to synchronise as the shifts in Deputy are updated. The frequency of updates will depend on the Calendar application you are using.

Let's look at some common Calendar applications and how to use the WebCal link.

To sync your Deputy shifts to your Calendar, you will need to click on Copy Link to copy the calendar URL from the Deputy web application.

Google Calendar

Now, open your Google Calendar and click on Other Calendars and the + sign then select Add by URL.

Paste your Calendar URL that you copied from Deputy and click Add Calendar.

Note: Google states that it may take between 8 and 24 hours for Calendar feeds to update in Google Calendars, so Deputy shift updates will not appear instantly in your Calendar.

Apple Calendar on Mac

Open your Calendar application on your Mac then go to:

File > New Calendar Subscription

then paste the Calendar URL that you copied from Deputy and click Subscribe.

You can configure the Calendar settings including alerts and the Auto-refresh frequency.

Microsoft Outlook

For help with adding a Calendar URL to Outlook on the web please see Import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook on the web or view this Microsoft training video.

The calendar information will not refresh instantly if there are Deputy shift changes and may take up to 24 hours to synchronise data.

Using an .ics file to download shifts to your Calendar

If you choose to download the .ics file by clicking Subscribe, this will result in a single download of your current shifts in Deputy.

A file named xxxxxxx.ics will download to your computer.

When you open this file on your Mac it will import the shifts into your Apple Calendar.

When you open this file on a Windows computer it will import the shifts into the Calendar application of your choosing such as Microsoft Outlook.

Reminder: downloading an .ics file to your Mac or PC and importing it into your Calendar application will not set up an ongoing synchronisation of Deputy shifts. You need to set up a WebCal subscription to have the Deputy shifts continue to sync.

How to sync your schedule via the Deputy iOS mobile app

Note: the Deputy Android mobile app does not have the functionality to sync the calendar in the same way as the iOS mobile app. However, if Andriod users sign into Deputy via the web application on their mobile device they can sync their shifts to their Calendar via that method.

In the Deputy iOS mobile app, tap on the Home screen then Upcoming Shifts.

On the next screen, tap on the Calendar icon, then tap Subscribe when taken to the Calendar app.

In the Calendar app, you can then see your Deputy Calendar under the subscribed list of Calendars.

When you tap on the events that have been synced into your calendar you can see details about the shift such as location, breaks and a link to open the shift in Deputy.

You only need to subscribe to this calendar once and it will continue to sync. To configure how often you want the information updated, open your iOS mobile device and go to:

Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Fetch New Data

In this example, you can see that Grace's Deputy Calendar account is set to fetch new data from Deputy every 30mins so her calendar will update every 30mins or whenever she opens the Calendar app on her phone.

How to add your scheduled shifts to your calendar from your emailed shift notification

You can add your schedule to your calendar from the email notification you receive with your shift details.

At the bottom of the email, click Sync to my Calendar.

A file named xxxxxxx.ics will download and you can use that to add your shifts to your calendar.

Note: that this is a one-time sync that will import the currents shifts to your Calendar. Therefore, if you want to keep your Calendar up to date, you would need to hit Sync to my Calendar every time you receive an email notification.

If you need your shifts to sync automatically, you will need to set up a WebCal URL Calendar subscription instead.

Adding Shifts to Apple Calendar on a Mac

When you open the downloaded ics file on a Mac, the Calendar will open and you can choose which Calendar to add the shifts to.

In this example, the shifts have been added to a Calendar called Work.

Other Windows-based calendars such as Outlook

To add your Deputy shifts to a Windows-based Calendar such as Outlook, open the Calendar downloaded .ics file.

Your computer should now ask you which Calendar program you would like it to open it in.

In this example, we are using Outlook to open the file.

When you open the Calendar in Outlook you can see the Deputy shifts have been added and when you click on the shift you can see the shift details.

System Administrators Can Allow / Deny Access to Calendar Sync in Deputy

System Administrators in Deputy can determine whether your team members can sync their schedules.

To configure this, go to the Business settings > Schedule tab.

Choose from one of the options:

  • Allow anyone to with the calendar link to sync - anyone who has access to the calendar link will be able to sync the schedule into their app

  • Require Deputy login to sync - users will be prompted to log in to generate a calendar link

  • Do not allow sync for anyone - no calendar links will be generated or accessible to share

Click Apply Changes.

Managers Can Sync all Scheduled Shifts to a Calendar

Supervisors, Location Managers and System Administrators in Deputy can sync not just their own personal schedule to their Calendar but also the entire schedule to a Calendar.

On the Schedule page, click on the sprocket icon and Select Sync to Calendar.

Follow the instructions for syncing a personal Calendar to similarly allow you to sync all shifts scheduled with a Calendar of your choosing.

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