This guide will show you how to Discard employees, as well as show you the process of Reinstating employees in the case that they return.

Before You Start

If an employee stops working for your organisation (for example, if they resign or you terminate their employment), you can discard their account from the system.

This won't delete the employee, but it does prevent them accessing the system at all and will retain their historical information such as past timesheets and schedules. If you need to you can also reinstate a discarded employee.

NOTE: Before discarding an employee you must remove them from any future scheduled shifts and either approve or discard any past timesheets.

Discarding Employees

After removing the employee from future schedules and resolving past timesheets, please open the People page. Scroll down to the employee, then click "Options" on the right. Please click "Discard".

Reinstating Employees

To reinstate an employee, please go to the People page. First, click "Filter" on the left side, next to the search bar. You'll see a dropdown menu. In the menu, set Status to "Discarded" as shown.

This will display all discarded employees. Scroll down the list until you find the employee you'd like to reinstate. Next, click "Options" to the right, then "Reinstate".

You'll see a popup window. Give the employee an email address and click "Reinstate".

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