This guide will show you how to archive team members, as well as show you the process of unarchive team members in the case that they return.

Before You Start

If a team member stops working for your organisation (for example, if they resign or you terminate their employment), you can archive their account from the system.

This won't delete the team member, but it does prevent them from accessing the system at all and will retain their historical information such as past timesheets and schedules. If you need to you can also unarchive an archived team member.

NOTE: Before archiving an team member you must remove them from any future scheduled shifts and either approve or discard any past timesheets.

Archiving Team Members

After removing the team member from future schedules and resolving past timesheets, please open the People page. Scroll down to the team member, then click "Options" on the right. Please click "Archive".

Unarchiving Team Members

To unarchive a team member, please go to the People page. First, click "Filter" on the left side, next to the search bar. You'll see a dropdown menu. In the menu, set Status to "Archived" as shown below.

This will display all archived team members. Scroll down the list until you find the team member you'd like to unarchive. Next, click "Options" to the right, then "Unarchive".

You'll see a popup window. Give the team member an email address and click "Unarchive".

Bulk Archive and Unarchive Team Members

You can now bulk archive and unarchive team members.

Bulk Archiving Team Members

First, select the team members you would like to archive using the checkboxes next to their name.

Above the list of names, click the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown box, then select 'Archive Team member'.

You will see a pop-up box confirming the team members you would like to archive. Click 'Archive' to confirm the action.

Bulk Unarchiving team members

First, select 'Filter' at the top of the page, then select 'Archived' under Status. This will allow you to view your archived team members.

Then select the team members you would like to unarchive.

Then click the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown menu and select 'Unarchive team members'.

In the modal that appears, you will need to enter in the team member email address if you would like them to be able to enter/use their Deputy account within your instance. Alternatively, if you do not want them to be able to access your Deputy instance, simply leave the email field blank. When you have done this, click 'Unarchive'.

Archiving team members Based on Filters

Using the bulk archive tool with the filter tool, you can quickly select a specific type of team member to archive. In this example, we'll be removing all team members from Ocean's Burgers.

First, head to the People page and click the 'Filter' option. Then, select the filter to view your team members in.

This will display all Ocean's Burgers team members. Click the checkbox above all the individual team member checkboxes to select all team members.

Then under the "Bulk Actions" menu, select Archive Team member.

The team members that will be archived will appear on a list. Depending on how many team members you are archiving, you may need to scroll down to locate the "Archive team member" button. After you have confirmed the team members to be archived, click the Archive button.

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