This guide will show you how to archive team members, and also how to unarchive them in case they return. Only System Administrators or Location Managers for the location the team member works at are able to archive team members.

We will cover:

What Archiving a Team Member Does

If a team member stops working for your organisation (for example, if they resign or you terminate their employment), you can archive their team member account in your organisation.

Archiving won't delete the team member, but it does prevent them from accessing your organisation in Deputy on any device. The team member's historical information such as past timesheets and schedules will be retained.

You can still view any archived team member's information in their profile by clicking on their name on the People page.

If you need to you can also unarchive an archived team member or permanently delete their account.

What Needs To Be Performed Before You Can Archive a Team Member

Before archiving a team member you must remove them from any future scheduled shifts and either approve or discard any past timesheets as appropriate.

You will be able to see exactly which shifts or timesheets are still present because they will appear as an error message when you try to archive the team member.

How to Archive Team Members

After removing the team member from future schedules and resolving past timesheets, open the People page.

Scroll down to the team member you wish to archive, then click ... options button on the right. Select Archive Employee.

If the team member is OK to archive you will receive a message letting you know what will happen when you archive. Click on Archive Employees to archive.

If you have not removed the team member's shifts from the schedule or approved or discarded their timesheets before attempting to archive, you will get a warning such as displayed here. These tasks will need to be resolved before you can archive the team member.

How to Unarchive Team Members

To unarchive a team member, go to the People page. Click on the Filters drop-down menu so you can set the status to "Archived" as shown below.

This will display all archived team members. Scroll down the list until you find the team member you'd like to unarchive. Next, click the ... options button to the right, then Unarchive Employee.

You'll see a popup window. Enter the team member's email address and click Unarchive.

How to Bulk Archive and Unarchive Team Members

If you need to archive or unarchive multiple team members at once you can use the Bulk Action menus on the People page.

Bulk Archiving Team Members

Select the team members you would like to archive using the checkboxes next to their name.

Click on the Bulk Actions dropdown box, then select Archive Team member.

You will see a pop-up box confirming the team members you would like to archive. If there are employees with shifts in the schedule or timesheets then you will need to resolve these first before you can archive the group of team members.

Click Archive Employees when all team members are ready to archive.

Bulk Unarchiving team members

To unarchive multiple team members, go to the People page. Click on the Filters drop-down menu so you can set the status to Archived.

This will display all archived team members. Select the team members you would like to unarchive, then click the Bulk Actions dropdown menu and select Unarchive employees.

In the modal that appears, you will need to enter the team members' email addresses in order for them to log in.


How can I archive all team members at a particular location?

Using the bulk archive tool combined with the filter tool, you can quickly select a specific type of team member to archive.

In this example, we'll be archiving all team members from "The Shell" location. Filter the list on the People page to team members from The Shell, select all team members and click on Bulk Actions> Archive employees. You will then need to resolve the warnings before clicking Archive employees.

What if I want to delete a team member rather than just archive?

Deleting a team member will remove all of their data and can not be restored. Read more at Deleting an Employee's Deputy Account.

Can I archive myself?

No, you can not archive yourself. You will need another System Administrator or Location Manager from your location to archive you.

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