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To edit team member details on a team member's personal profile, you'll need to have System Administrator or Location Manager access.

How Do I Edit A Team Member's Details?

To edit a team member, first please open the People page. Next, click "Options" next to the staff member, then "Edit".

This will bring up the team member's profile.

When editing a team member's profile, you will be able to set the following -

  • Access level, whether they are a manager or supervisor, this determines what they can access

  • Which locations they work at

  • Stress profile, controlling their maximum hours per week

  • Training record, controls which areas they can work in, within a location

  • Your team members will be able to set their preferred name through their Global Profile. In a case where you want to override this for any reason, you will be able to do so within your business

At the bottom of the profile, you can also adjust their gender, hire date, and birthday. After making any required adjustments, click Save.

Why Can't I Change My Team Member's Contact Information?

When editing an team member you may note that their contact information is grayed out and inaccessible to you, as shown below.

Once a team member has accepted their invitation to Deputy, only that team member can change their email address or mobile number.

While this may seem inconvenient for managers and administrators, it's an unavoidable consequence of Deputy’s ongoing commitment to the highest level of security. After all, Deputy is much more than just a networking and communication tool. Deputy is critical to the operation of our customers’ businesses and contains sensitive data of both businesses and their team members. As a result, our approach to security has the same rigour as an accounting or internet banking platform.

Consider the following scenarios:

A manager changes a team member’s mobile number to his own, and accesses her Kiosk PIN (which she unwisely set to be same as her ATM PIN) and uses it to access her bank account.

An administrator changes a team member’s password to her own and uses it to access his Deputy account, in which he is a manager at another business, and has access to the confidential data of that second business.

Though these may seem unlikely circumstances, anything that may allow alteration of a private password or PIN presents an unconscionable risk to our customers' data, and as such is locked to preserve security. Our customers can always rely on Deputy to protect them from risks such as these.

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