If you are approving timesheets and you wish to find out further details about that particular timesheet, the full timesheet history can be found in the History tab.

Within the history tab you will find a number of items;

Kiosk-captured Photo

If your staff member has started & ended their shift from the Deputy iPad Kiosk app with the photo to start & end requirement enabled, the history tab will show you the records of both the start & finish photos taken.

The clock in & out photo for that timesheet

You will notice that at 2.17pm when the shift was started there was a photo taken. When the shift ends, the old value (the start shift photo) is replaced by the new value (end shift photo) at 2.37pm. Therefore this shift period was between 2.17pm and 2.37pm. Both of these photos can be selected for a larger view.

Who Created The Timesheet

To determine the creator of this timesheet, please refer to either the description above the history table or the User column in the table.

The description above the table will give a clear indication of who created the timesheet and when.

In this scenario, the user and creator of this timesheet is Jake Shelley. You can also determine that as he was the creator as he changed this time sheet's state "Is In Progress" from Yes to No.

Who Approved The Timesheet

To determine who approved this timesheet, please refer to the User column and the Field column

The user associated with the Time Approved field in this scenario is Jake Shelley, therefore we can determine that the employee that approved this timesheet was Jake Shelley.

How did the timesheet finish and what device was used to submit the timesheet?

If the timesheet has been completed via a smartphone or via the web, you will see the start time and end time populated by the user.

If the timesheet has been completed via the Deputy Kiosk, you will see a start time and end time along with the photos taken at the start and end of the shift

Automatic Processes That Have Occurred (Labelled With SOAP)

Deputy can trigger a number of automated procedures to make your life easier. For example if your staff member submits a timesheet that is within 5 minutes of when they were rostered, let this timesheet be automatically approved. SOAP is the "User" that provides this automatic processes.

If you want your timesheets to have the times automatically rounded, SOAP will be the User for this too.

As SOAP can round your staff times automatically, the real times they worked may at times be difficult to find. After using what you have learned from the history tab, you will always have access to see the exact start and stop time that was submitted by your employee.

Employee Timesheet History

If you are an employee, you can access timesheet history by navigating to your timesheets, from there you will be able to view the appropriate changes made to:

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Total Meal Break

iOS/ Android

Timesheet history can be found by navigating to the “Me” tab and tapping on “My Timesheets” (Android) or “Timesheets” (iOS). Once you tap on it you will be able to access the history by simply tapping “View History”.



A "System" update means your workplace has the auto-rounding feature turned on for timesheets.


In our web application, timesheets can be viewed by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner, clicking on “Profile” and clicking the “View all” button under the Recent Timesheets section.

From there, similar to our mobile application, if the timesheet is approved, you will be able to click on the “History” button.

This will open up the history modal in which you will be able to see the relevant changes that have been made.

Reminder notification for employees to review timesheets

Managers can also have a notification sent to employees to remind them to review their timesheets and timesheet history ahead of payroll. Find out how to enable this notification for your workplace here.

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