Before You Start

With Deputy you can control how your employees are able to start their shifts. Some organisations would like their employees to clock on via the web or to enter full timesheets, and as a result, we have created an option to allow it. We understand this may not be practical for all workplaces, and as such the option may be toggled on and off for each individual workplace as explained below.

Please note, the ad-hoc timesheets setting specifically controls an employee’s ability to submit an unscheduled timesheet, update/edit their clock on/off times as well as their ability to clock on via web. If this setting is enabled, employees can submit timesheets from the web or from their smartphone as shown here.

Just a note, you'll need to be a location manager or system administrator to access the relevant settings. If you are not, you won't be able to see the correct options.

This permission will allow unrestricted access for an employee to adjust and create their own timesheet in a location that they are attached to.

NOTE: This permission is turned on in your account by default.

Disabling/Enabling Ad-hoc Timesheets

First, please go to Locations at the top of the screen.

For the location you wish to change click Edit Settings

After clicking "Settings", please click "Timesheets" on the left. Scroll until you see the option to disable/enable the ability to clock in for unscheduled shifts or add timesheets. After toggling the option on/off as desired, please click "Save" in the top right.

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