This article is written for users with Location Manager or System Administrator access level and will cover:

What the Add and Edit Timesheets Setting Affects

The Add and edit timesheets setting specifically controls a team member's ability to:

  • submit a timesheet for a shift they were not scheduled for or did not clock in/out for

  • update/edit their clock on/off times on an existing timesheet

The setting will affect team members editing their timesheets:

  • via both the Deputy web application and Deputy mobile app

  • regardless of their own access level in Deputy

NOTE: changing this setting does NOT affect the ability of your team members to clock in for an unscheduled shift via Deputy web application, mobile app or Kiosk and Android Timeclock apps. Team members will still be able to start unscheduled shifts regardless of whether you toggle Add and edit timesheets ON or OFF.

How to Enable/Disable the Add and Edit Timesheets Setting

NOTE: This permission is turned ON in your account by default.

1. Go to Locations and click on Edit Settings in the location you wish to change.

2. Select Timesheets from the list on the left.

3. Under Team Member Permissions, toggle ON/OFF the setting for Add or edit timesheets

4. Don't forget to click Save before you close the window.

What Do Your Team Members See If You Disable This Setting

If you turn this setting ON, your team members can submit and edit timesheets on the Deputy web and mobile apps as described in Timesheets 101.

However, if you turn it OFF, then your team members will receive a pop-up message informing them they are unable to add or update their own timesheet.

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