Welcome! This article will show you how to enable photo verification for your iPad Kiosk and Android Time Clock. These will capture a photo of your employees whenever they clock on (if this setting is turned on).

Before You Start

If this option is turned on, employees who clock on with a Kiosk/Time Clock (set for the chosen location) will have a photo taken of them. This photo is visible on the Approve Timesheet page.

How To Disable/Enable Photo Verification

First, please go to the Locations tab. To the right of your list of locations please click "Edit Settings" next to the location you'd like to turn this on for.

Next, please click "Timesheets" on the left side. You'll see an option named "Require photo when starting, ending shifts in Kiosk". Please click the toggle on (or off) by clicking it, then click "Save" in the top right corner. That's it!

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