This article will show you how to enable or disable timesheet photo verification for your iPad Kiosk and Android Time Clock.

You will need to be logged in as a System Administrator or Location Manager for the location you are editing.

How does Photo Verification Work?

Team members can sign into the Deputy via PIN code entry or, if enabled, Face Unlock on the iOS Kiosk or Android Time Clock.

Regardless of how they log in to the Kiosk or Time Clock, you can also require the team members to have their photos taken as they start and end their shifts.

Deputy will compare this photo with the photo on the team member's profile.

The photos taken are visible on the Approve Timesheet page. Note that the most recent (usually clock off) photo will appear on the Timesheet. To see the earlier clock in photo, click on the timesheet history.

If the photo taken at clock on / off differs from the photo uploaded to the team member's profile then a warning icon will appear on the timesheet so that the manager can review the photos.

How To Disable/Enable Photo Verification

1. To turn this feature on or off, log in to the Deputy website as a System Administrator or Location Manager.

2. On the Locations page, select the work location you wish to configure

3. Select Timesheets.

4. In Clock in and out, you can see there is a toggle ON / OFF to set whether you require team members to take a photo when starting or ending a shift on the Kiosk or Time Clock.

4. Don't forget to click Save before you leave the page if you made any changes.

Additionally, you can also set up a notification that allows the manager to be notified when the photo taken does not match the one in the team member's profile.

Please read more on setting up Clocking On / Off notifications in the help article Clock on / Clock Off and Kiosk Notifications and Extensions

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