How to Approve Timesheets

  1. Navigate to Timesheets -> Approve Timesheets.

2. Select the time period of time sheets that you would like to view.

You will be presented with a view displaying employees with time sheets in the period you selected.

Simply select a Pending timesheet, then click 'Approve', or ;Approve & Next' if you would like to view the next timesheet.

Bulk Approve an Employee's TImesheets

1. In the left pane, select an employee with unapproved time sheets which you wish to Bulk Approve.
2. All their time sheets will be displayed in the right pane.

In the top-right of the page, click 'Approve All'. This will approve all viewable timesheets for the selected employee.

Note that when approving timesheets, you should always do so in chronological order, approving timesheets starting with the oldest date to the most recent date. This will ensure that all overtime and shift loading calculations are accurate. 

Amending a Timesheet

There may be an instance where within a timesheet, the employee's pay and the worked hours is to be approved separately, or a timesheet has been approved, but the pay or the hours need to be amended. This can be done from within the Approving Timesheets section.

Simply navigate for the employee in the employee list and select the timesheet that needs amending.

Then click 'Unapprove Time' or 'Unapprove Pay'.

The below is an example of what happens when you click 'Unapprove Time', where you can see the details of the shift have now become editable.

While the below shows us what happens when you click 'Unapprove Pay'. Here, you are able to amend an employee's pay details.

Remember to APPROVE the timesheets after you have made the necessary amendments. Also note that anytime you edit a timesheet and there are previously approved timesheets for the same employee on a more recent date, you should unapprove and re-approve all timesheets after the date on which you made the edits.

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