This article is written primarily for managers but other team members may find it useful as we cover:

What is a Timesheet


  • are the records of a shift that has been worked.

  • need to be approved either automatically or by a manager

  • can be exported to your payroll system to pay your team members

Ways a Timesheet Can Be Created In Deputy

There are four ways to create a Timesheet in Deputy:

1. A Team Member Clocking On And Off

When a team member uses the Deputy mobile, web, Timeclock or Kiosk app to clock on, Deputy will capture the exact time they do so to start a timesheet. For the timesheet to be successfully created via clocking on, the system will need at least a start time.

If using web or mobile apps to clock on, the system will register the start time as soon as the team member clocks on. The Kiosk and Timeclock app will do the same unless the iPad or tablet is offline, in which case the timesheet will be created when it connects to the internet.

Please note, that if the system does not receive an end time within 23 hours (eg. the team member forgets to clock off or Kiosk/Timeclock is still offline), the shift will be rounded to the same as the rostered shift duration from the start time.

eg. If you have an 8 hour shift scheduled from 9am-5pm, and a team member clocks on at 8:50am but doesn't clock off, the timesheet will show an end time of 4:50pm.

2. From a Shift on the Schedule

If you have scheduled and published shifts in Deputy, the system will automatically generate unsubmitted timesheets, even if the team member does not clock on.

Timesheets will be generated in this manner as long as the shifts:

  • have a team member assigned to them (ie. are not an open or empty shift)

  • are published

The timesheets will remain as unsubmitted timesheets until:

  • the system matches the timesheet with a timesheet manually created by the team member

  • the manager imports the schedule shift details and approves the shift

  • the Deputy Extension Schedule Shift > Auto Start and Finish is activated and submits unsubmitted timesheets automatically

3. Manager Manually Creates A Timesheet for Another Team Member

There are two broad reasons a manager may need to manually create a timesheet for another team member.

Firstly, if the team member was scheduled to work but did not clock in then their timesheet with remain unsubmitted as explained above. If the team member did actually work the shift as scheduled but just forgot to clock in, then the manager can review the unsubmitted timesheet in Approve Timesheets then click on Import scheduled details and approve the shift as usual.

Secondly, if a team member was not scheduled to work on a particular day but did complete a shift, then a manager who has Supervisor access or higher is able to manually create ad-hoc timesheets for other users with lower access than themselves.

On the Approve Timesheets page, click Add Timesheet.

After doing so you will be asked to select a team member and date for the timesheet. Complete the shift details and approve as normal.

Alternatively, you may also manually create timesheets for team members from the mobile app. To do this, tap on the Schedule screen and select the location and date in the past you wish to create the timesheet for. Note: you can not create timesheets for the future.

Click the + icon in the top right-hand corner and select Add Timesheets.

You will need to add the details of the timesheet. This includes the team member you are creating a timesheet for, the start and end times, meal break, journal notes and any comments about the shift. If you are a Location Manager or System Administrator then when you tap Add the timesheet will be approved in one step. Supervisors who create shifts in this way may still need a manager to approve them.

4. Team Member Manually Creating a Timesheet For Themselves

A team member may manually submit a timesheet from the Deputy web or mobile assuming that they have been allowed to. Team members can also edit existing timesheets if permission has been enabled.

To submit a timesheet from the website, the team member must first login, and click on Profile from the drop-down menu under their name.

From there, scroll down to Recent Timesheets and click Add New.

From here, eligible team members can enter the timesheet details they need to submit the shift. Don't forget to include any breaks as well as a comment and click Add when you are done.

Using the Deputy app for iOS, tap on the Me tab, then Timesheets. Tap the + symbol in the top right corner of the screen to enter a timesheet.

Using the Deputy app for Android, tap on the Me tab, then Timesheets. Tap the + symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen to enter a timesheet.

Where Can I View My Team's Timesheets as a Manager?

On the Deputy web application, you can view your team's Timesheets by clicking the Timesheets tab. You will see two options, "Approve Timesheets" and "Export Timesheets".

To view, edit or approve your team's timesheets, please select Approve Timesheets.

Once you're on the timesheets page, you'll need to use the location and date selectors found in the top left corner to display the timesheets you need to review.

Timesheets will only appear for the selected date range and location, meaning that most of the time if you can't find a timesheet one of these two selectors may be incorrectly set. If you are looking for a specific team member you may also use the search function to enter their name.

Selecting a team member name from the list on the left will display all of their timesheets for the chosen date range and location.

Timesheets Status

  • N/A = Timesheet still in progress

  • Pending = Timesheet not approved

  • Approved = Timesheet approved

Timesheet Progress

  • Future = The team member's shift is scheduled but not started yet

  • Started = Team member's shift is in progress (you can approve this shift but not with an end shift time in the future)

  • Unsubmitted = A placeholder shift that was scheduled but no team member clocked on or off. You will either need to enter the shift details and approve, or discard the shift if it was not actually worked

  • Submitted = A timesheet was created. To review what actions will trigger the creation of a timesheet review Timesheets 101.

  • Time Approved = The start, end and break time details of the timesheet have been approved.

  • Pay Approved = The time and pay details of the timesheet have been approved.

Team Member Colour in Timesheet List

  • Team members coloured yellow have timesheets that require action such as approval

  • Team members coloured green have timesheets that do not require action at this time, either because they are already approved or not ready to be approved yet (ie. future timesheets)

  • Team members coloured purple are selected and have their shift details displayed on the screen.

You can also view team member timesheets on your Deputy mobile apps by tapping on Schedule. You can select the Location and Date from the selectors at the top of the screen to display the timesheets you wish to view. Both the Android and iOS apps are shown in the example below.

Editing Timesheets

Managers may need to edit the details on a timesheet before approving it, due to some misadventure such as the team member forgetting to clock off, going home unwell or you know the details are incorrect for the shift worked.

To edit the timesheet display the team member's timesheets as described above and click on the timesheet from the list that you wish to edit.

What details in a timesheet can you edit?

  • Date

  • Areas of Work (use this field to change the timesheet to a leave timesheet if required by scrolling to end of the list of areas to see leave types)

  • Start / End Shift Times

  • Break Type and Duration

  • Break Start and End Times

  • Answers to optional shift questions

In the example below, you can see that Abby has a list of timesheets from this week with status Pending which means they have not been approved. There is also a timesheet with progress listed as Unsubmitted and no details in the timesheet.

Abby did not clock or out for this shift but if you know that she worked the shift as scheduled you can click the Import scheduled details button and transfer the shift details to the timesheet. If you know that Abby did not work the shift then you can also Discard the timesheet.

You can also click on any Submitted timesheet and click on the relevant fields to amend any start, stop or break times as required.

Note: Only users with Deputy access of Supervisor and above are able to edit the timesheets of the team members they manage.

It's also possible for managers to edit the details of their team members' timesheets from their Deputy mobile Andriod and iOS apps by tapping on timesheet details to amend them.

Approving Timesheets

Users with Deputy access level of Location Manager and System Administrator are able to amend and approve the time and pay component of the timesheets for team member's they manage.

Users with Deputy access level of Supervisor are only able to amend and approve the time component of the timesheets for team member's they manage but they are unable to view or amend the pay component of any timesheets.

To approve a timesheet for an employee, you'll first need to click it on the list of their timesheets. Doing so will display the details of that shift; this includes the start time, end time, break and the area of work.

You can review the timesheet details and select:

  • Approve All - approves all submitted timesheets at once for the team member(s) you have selected

  • Approve & Next - to approve and view the next timesheet for approval

  • Approve - this allows you to approve the timesheet but stay on that timesheet

Note that when approving timesheets, you should always do so in chronological order, approving timesheets starting with the oldest date to the most recent date. This will ensure that all overtime and shift loading calculations are accurate. Anytime you edit a timesheet and there are previously approved timesheets for the same employee on a more recent date, you should unapprove and re-approve all timesheets after the date on which you made the edits.

For a more in-depth look at approving timesheets, including how to approve timesheets on our mobile apps, please read Approving Timesheets

Unapproving and Amending Timesheets

There may be a time where an Approved timesheet needs to be amended. To amend an approved timesheet you first have to unapprove it to be able to amend the details.

Select the timesheet you wish to amend then click on Unapprove Time or Unapprove Pay (Location Manager and System Administrators only) as highlighted below.

The details in the timesheet will now be able to be edited. Amend any details, then click Approve & Next when you are done.

For a more in-depth look at unapproving and amending timesheets please read Approving Timesheets.

Exporting Timesheets

Once you have approved your team's timesheets they are ready to be exported to your payroll system.

  1. Click on Timesheets and select Export Timesheets.

  2. Select the Location and Date range of the timesheets you wish to export.

  3. Click on the team member's timesheets you wish to export. Use the Select All button to select every team member if desired.

  4. Click Export Selected Items.

You can export timesheets from Deputy:

Note: that only Location Managers and System Administrators can export timesheets.

Custom Timesheet Fields

Custom Timesheet Fields allows you to create and customise fields within your team's timesheets.

How to Create a Custom Timesheet Field

System Administrators can select Business Settings from the drop-down menu under their name.

Click the Timesheets tab then Shift Questions.

A new modal window will appear and you can click New Custom Field.

Here you can configure the setting you need you need to set up a custom timesheet field including:

  • The field name

  • A tooltip to help team members know what to enter in the field

  • What type of characters you are expecting in the field

  • Whether data in the field is required to complete the timesheet

  • When you want team members to complete the field (clock in and/or out)

  • Which locations and areas of your organisation you want the custom timesheet field to apply to.

When you are done, don't forget to click Save This Custom Field at the top of the page to confirm your changes.

Entering Data in Custom Timesheet Fields

Team members can answer customer fields in their timesheet at the time you have configured (ie. clock in / clock out)

or they can also update previous timesheets that are still pending approval.

Managers can review and edit team members' entries into the custom field in their timesheets on the Approve Timesheet page.

Timesheet Comments And History

On the timesheet tab, you may click on the Comments tab to view any comments left by the team member or other managers.

You may also view a full history of any changes made to the selected timesheet by clicking the History tab.

For more information on the Timesheet History, please read Timesheet History.

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