Open shifts allow employees the freedom to grab shifts that are being offered. This reduces time; instead of considering which specific employees you would like to work a shift, this opens up the spot to a large number of your employees.

This guide has been written for users with access level of supervisor and above and will cover:

What is an Open Shift vs an Empty Shift

Open Shift: A shift in the schedule that has no employee allocated to it yet but is available for all, or a select group of employees, to accept and work that shift.

Empty Shift: A shift in the schedule that has no employee allocated to it and has not been offered to any employees yet to claim.

How To Create an Open Shift

First, ensure that you have the permissions to schedule employees.

Now, head to the Schedule page, and click the '+' icon to create a new shift.

In the pop-up that appears, click the 'Who is Working?' box and select 'Open Shift' from the dropdown box.

In the same window, fill in the rest of the details of the shift, then click 'Save'.

Ensure that you publish your schedule when you are finished.

Claiming an Open Shift

If you have notifications turned on when publishing shifts, employees will be alerted when an Open Shift appears on the schedule, allowing them to claim the shift.

Alternatively, if notifications are not off, employees can claim Open Shifts via the app or web browser.

Claiming Open Shifts via Web Browser

To do this via web browser, log into Deputy at

Then, navigate to the Me tab. In the Calendar section, the Open Shift will appear on the relevant day on the calendar. 

After clicking the Open Shift, the following will pop-up. Click 'Claim Shift' to take the Open Shift for yourself.

Claiming Open Shifts via iOS app

First, open up the iPhone Deputy app, and navigate to the Me tab. On this page, tap 'Available Shifts'.

Then, tap the shift you would like to claim.

The following page will show all the details of the shift. If you would like to claim it, tap 'Claim Shift' at the bottom.

Claiming Open Shifts via Android app

Open up the Deputy app and navigate to the Me tab. Tap 'Available Shifts'.

Then tap the shift you would like to claim.

Then tap 'Claim Shift' on the following page.

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