To learn how to add specific employees as 'Recommended/Preferred' for a shift, follow our Preferred Employee Guide.

Before You Start

Sometimes when scheduling your employees you will see a warning pop-up. This means that an employee is not currently recommended to work that shift. Recommendation is based on five factors which the system will automatically take into account when displaying your employees. The system will check if the employee is already scheduled for another shift at the same time, whether the employee is available (not registered as unavailable or on approved leave), if the employee has the appropriate training, and if the employee has exceeded their recommended weekly hours (their Stress Profile). We'll explain these below. Before selecting an employee you will be able to see if they are recommended for a shift, as shown below.

The Five Factors

The following are considered when the system recommends employees:


You will see this error if an employee is already working another shift. Even if the overlap between shifts is for a single minute you won't be able to schedule the employee on the shift. If you would like to schedule this employee, please either adjust the length of the shift so it no longer overlaps, or remove the employee from the first shift. This is the only warning you may not override, as it is impossible for an employee to work in two locations at once.

Not Trained

This error means that the work area you have selected has a training requirement applied to it. The employee you are trying to schedule does not have the relevant training to work in this area. If you have multiple training categories applied the employee requires all of them to be recommended.

To resolve this, you may either:

  1. Assign another employee to the shift.
  2. If the employee doesn't have the required training, go to ‘People’ and add the relevant training in the ‘Employee Edit’ pane for the employee (see how it works here).
  3. Accept the warning and assign the employee to the shift

Not Available

The employee has requested to be set as ‘unavailable’ during this period. Addressing the warning is business process dependant.


  1. Assign another employee
  2. Accept the warning and assign the current employee


If an employee appears as "On Leave" it means that they have an approved leave request overlapping the given time period.

You will need to:

  1. Assign another employee to the shift
  2. Override the warning and schedule the employee.


Each employee has a stress profile, which controls how many hours they may work in a given day or week. If an employee would exceed their limit, they are said to be "Stressed" and won't be recommended. You can see how this works here. You may either override the warning, change the employee's stress profile, or assign another employee.

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