Note: This feature is different than “preferred.” Designating people as "preferred" to work in an Area only ensures that they are always first to be scheduled there, and will not limit the schedule to preferred employees. To learn how to add specific employees as preferred, follow our Preferred Employee Guide. 

Sometimes when scheduling your people, you may get a warning that they’re “not recommended.” When you add someone to a shift, Deputy checks against 5 factors to make sure they’re a good fit for the shift.

5 Factors of Recommendation

  1.  Overlapping Shifts

  2. Training

  3. Unavailability

  4. Approved Leave

  5. Stress Profiles

Overlapping Shifts

The “Overlap detected!” warning appears when an employee who is already working another shift is scheduled, even if that shift is at another location in your organization. The warning will tell you when and where they’re already working.

Note: You cannot override this warning, as it is impossible for an employee to work in two places at once.

To resolve this, you may:

  1. Adjust the length of the shift so that it no longer overlaps with the shift times in the warning

  2. Remove the employee from the shift


The “Not trained” warning appears when the work area for this shift has a training module applied(required), but the employee does not meet the training requirement. 

To resolve this, you may:

  1. Accept the warning and assign the employee anyway (permitting you can roster non-recommended employees)

  2. Add the training record to the employee

  3. Assign a recommended employee to the shift instead (see “Who is working?” below)

Note: If you have multiple training modules applied to an Area, the employee is required to have all of the training, in order to be recommended.


Unavailability is a way to communicate periods in which other obligations make you unable to work. This could be a recurring event like class, or a standing medical appointment. When you assign someone to a shift during a period that they’ve indicated as “unavailable,” you will see the below warning. 

To resolve this, you may:

  1. Accept the warning and assign the employee anyway 

  2. Cancel, and assign another employee

More on Unavailability


Approved Leave

If an employee appears as "on leave," it means that they have an approved leave request overlapping the given time period. While you are able to override this and schedule the employee anyway, the leave was approved by a manager, and so this employee may not be able to work the shift.

To resolve this, you may:

  1. Assign another employee to the shift

  2. Override the warning and schedule the employee anyway

Stress Profiles

Each employee has a stress profile assigned to them, which indicates how many hours they should work in a given day or week. If a new shift puts someone’s hours over their limit for the day or week, they are said to be "stressed" and won't be recommended. 

To resolve this, you may:

  1. Override the warning and schedule the employee anyway

  2. Change the employee's stress profile

  3. Assign another employee

More on Stress Profiles for Enterprise

Unable to override these warnings?

You may not have the ability to override these warnings based on your Access Level in Deputy. For more information on this permission, read the section 4: Can Roster Non-Recommended Employees, of Access Levels & Permissions - Rostering.


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