Our 24/7 Support team is here to help wherever we can. Please use these options to get in touch with our global team to see how we can assist you. 

In this article we will cover:

  • Using Live Chat
  • Support and Help options from Deputy.com and when logged in
  • How to enable support access
  • Tips and resources

Pro Tip: If possible, please take a screenshot of the issue you are experiencing and share with our Support team. The more information you can provide, the quicker we can resolve the issue.  

Live Chat

Live Chat is the most commonly used approach for accessing Support. Deputy uses a Live Chat system which ensures we’re always available and at-the-ready to help when you need it. There are multiple ways to access the Live Chat system.

Live Chat - Deputy Home Page

You can access the Live Chat on Deputy.com. by clicking the Live Chat icon in the bottom right any screen in Deputy. 

You have the option to type a question or topic, or click 'New Conversation' to begin a live chat with someone on our global team 24/7

Live Chat - Logged Into Deputy

After logging into Deputy, the Live Chat icon is available in the bottom right corner. Simply click the icon and click ‘New Conversation’ to begin.

Other ways to access Help and Support 

Help Menu

Help can be accessed from any screen within Deputy by selecting the 'Help' menu at the top of the screen. Here you have several options including: 

  • Access the Help Portal guides, videos and how to's
  • Hide the Live Chat icon altogether 
  • Enable Support Access if a support team member requests account access 
  • Join one of our Webinars - for Enterprise customers
  • Book Time with an Expert - for Premium customers
  • Make a Feature Suggestion which launches a feedback form
  • Hide the Getting Started videos atop most pages within Deputy

Pro Tip: If you hide the Live Chat or Getting Started Videos, you can always bring them back by simply reselecting them, so they're never really gone.

Enable Support Access

During your Live Chat with our team, we may request you allow our team access to your account. When asked to do this, select 'Enable Support Access' and once resolved, select ‘Disable Support Access’.

Feature Suggestions

We want your feedback! If you think there are features which will make Deputy better for you, click the ‘Feature Suggestions’ link and tell us. Enter your feedback or suggestion on the form and someone on the Deputy ream will review your request. While we can't promise we will address everything, we have made many improvements based on your feedback. 


To call our support team, or to get in touch with Finance or Sales, call the following numbers and follow the prompts. 

  • Australia - 1300 DEPUTY (337889)
  • US - +1 855 633 7889
  • UK - 020 3150 1149
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