Before You Start

You will not be able to start shifts using the web unless your administrator has specifically allowed you to. If you cannot follow the instructions below we recommend contacting the administrator. As the website is the same on your computer, smartphone and tablet you may follow these instructions using a web browser on any of those devices. If possible we recommend using Google Chrome to use Deputy.

Where Do I Start My Shift?

To start your shift, please go to the Me tab at the top of your screen. In the top right of that screen you will see a green button with the option to start your shift. If you are already on shift you'll see the option to start

Please click it and you'll see the list of areas from the locations you're assigned to. Please select one, then click "Start Shift".

Ending Your Shift

To end your shift via the web browser, please navigate to the Me tab, where you will now see the option to end your shift or start a break in the top right corner.

When ending a shift, you'll have the option to leave a comment in the Notes section, which you may use to notify your managers of anything that may have occurred while you were on shift. They'll be able to see this when approving your timesheet later. You can also confirm or adjust your times as necessary here.

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