Before You Start

One of our customers' most frequent requests is the ability for their team to see who is working on a given day. On one hand, this allows your team to coordinate their schedule effectively and arrange shift swaps between themselves. On the other hand, for some workplaces there are privacy concerns involved and the concern that employees may complain about who has "better" shifts.
Due to popular demand we have recently added this feature for your use, however as this may not suit all businesses it can be freely toggled on and off by a location manager or system administrator as explained below. Staff can see who they are working with on a given day by clicking "Scheduled this day" on the Me tab of the web browser as shown.

After clicking "Scheduled this day" they will be able to see who is working and where, as long as those shifts have been published.

How Do I Allow My Staff To See Other Schedule?

To turn this function on (or off) for your team, first please go to the Locations page at the top of the screen. On the Locations page, please click "Settings" next to the location you'd like to enable this for. This permission can be turned on and off for each individual location.

In the Settings, please click "Scheduling" on your left, then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the option reading "Allow employees to view each other's schedule". Please click it to select the desired setting. Afterwards, please click Save Changes to the right. That's it!

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