Before You Start

Before you get started, you'll need to make sure that you have signed up to Deputy and that you are logged in as location manager.

Please note: Any actions completed can only be actioned on team members and locations that you are the manager of. Any actions relating to other locations and team members assigned there are restricted.

When you first log in as a location manager, you will land on the Organisation page. The Organisation page lists the businesses you are linked to in Deputy.

Please click the name of your Organisation, which will take you to your Home page.

At the top of your screen, you will be able to see the Navigation Bar, which looks like this:

You can find an explanation of each tab below.


In the Me tab, you will find a general overview of your weekly shifts and previous timesheets. From this page, you can also view future shifts or previous timesheets via the date range selector. If you have a shift for the day, you can Start and End your shift in the top right-hand corner.

From here, you can also Request Time Off, which is accessible by clicking the 'Request Time Off' button.

If an empty shift or a shift swap request is submitted, it will appear on the specific day in which the shift relates to.

News Feed

The News Feed is the main communications hub between the employers and team members. You can post messages to locations, or even specific people.

News Feed posts can have files attached to them (image and document files) if you would like to add clarification to the post. You can also attach 'Confirmation' notices to posts. These posts have a button that team members can click on so that you can see who has read the post.


The Deputy tasks page allows you to assign tasks to team members.

To assign tasks, navigate to the Tasks page and click 'Add Task' in the top right-hand corner.

In the pop-up box, you can enter in the details of the task, including the name, who to assign it to, a due date, and any notes that are relevant to the task.


This page will list your locations. From here, you can see the location address, as well as edit any settings that pertain to that location via the 'Edit Settings' button. As a Location Manager, you can only edit settings for the location that you are assigned to.


This page displays all of the business's team member. You can add additional team members via the blue 'Add People' button in the top right-hand corner.

From here, you can also view and edit team member profiles on this page, send invites, and archive team members.


This page is the main scheduling hub.

From this page, you can organise your roster, see your wages vs. sales, and see a weekly overview.

For information on scheduling your staff, please click here.

Once your team members are scheduled, they will need to clock on and off to establish their attendance. There are three ways to clock on. These are the smartphone app, the Deputy Kiosk, and the website, which must be enabled.

Please note that you can only schedule team members at the location that you manage. This also means that you are only allowed to schedule team members that are listed in the location that you manage. You cannot pull team members that work at different locations to work at your location.


Staff members clocking on/off will automatically generate timesheets. Once generated they must be approved, either manually or automatically, for the staff to be paid.

Approving Timesheets

To approve a timesheet, please click one of your team members on the list to the left. The page will then display a list of unapproved timesheets for each of the team member's shifts. You can edit the beginning, end and break, as well as make a journal entry for the shift. You may also import the details directly from the roster, and override the shift, by clicking "Import Rostered Details". After you are finished with the timesheet, please click "Approve", below the fields. Please be aware that your team members may also edit their timesheets, pending approval.

Exporting Timesheets

From the Timesheet drop-down menu, you will also see the option to "Export Timesheets". Exporting Timesheets is covered in this article.


Note: Restricted for managerial access only.

From the Reports page, you can track many important details regarding your staff's performance, including their availability, rostered hours, journal history and personal details. For more information, please read our article on Reports.


Your Profile can be accessed by clicking "Profile" at the top right corner of your screen.

The Profile screen displays a number of important details. At the top, you can see your access level and contact details (which only you may edit). Beneath, you can see your next three upcoming shifts and your last three timesheets. To view a list of your timesheets in chronological order, please click "View All", just above your most recent timesheet. Once the list appears, please scroll down to see more.

Below your timesheets, you can see your unavailability and leave. Unavailability is an informal request for time off, for example for getting your car serviced, or a doctor's appointment. Leave is a more formal application for time off, such as annual leave, which requires approval. You may add new unavailability and leave from just above their respective fields.

At the very top of your profile, you will see a button that reads "Edit My Global Profile". Clicking this will take you to your Global Profile, which contains settings for your Deputy account.

From the Global Profile, you can edit your personal details, Kiosk PIN (click "Show Me"), login password and profile photo. You may also connect to Google and Facebook, which will allow you to sign in with the same email that you used to register with them.

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