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Before You Start

When exporting or approving timesheets, you will sometimes need to select a date range. This may be for approving timesheets or reviewing past data. You can use the selector tool to pick any range that you need to. Date selection is available for Supervisors, Location Manager, and System Administrators.

You may select the date in the Approve and Export Timesheet sections, as well as being able to select it for each Report.

Please make sure that you have set your week starting day correctly. If your chosen day of the week does not match up with the period of your payrun it may lead to some confusion. You can learn how to change the starting day of the week here.

How Do I Select The Date?

To change the date of the period displayed on your screen, you will need to use the date selector. This can always be found in the top left corner of the screen, next to the location selector.

To change the date, simply click the date selector, which will display the following options:

Current; which will allow you to select the current day, week, Fortnight 1 (This week and the next), Fortnight 2 (This week and the one previous), and Month.

Last; which will allow you to select yesterday or the last week, fortnight, month, and quarter.

Please simply select the option you wish to use, which will then display the information for that date range and page on your screen.

Customizing Date Selection

You can set a date range of your own by opening the date selector, then clicking "Select Date Range" which will allow you to select a date range for yourself by selecting a starting and ending day.

You can set this date for future or past years by clicking through the months via the arrows. This will allow you to see an annual or biennial overview of your business. You may select your own date range on any page featuring the date selector.

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