Before You Start

Before you get started, please make sure you're logged in and that you have added your employees, and set up your scheduling areas, training, unavailability, and leave.

If you are already scheduling and are looking to copy or import shifts, please follow the article here.


First, please navigate to the Schedule by clicking "Schedule" at the top of your screen.

Schedule page: Overview

In the Schedule's top left corner you will find the location and area selector. This is used to select the location or the area within that you want to roster for. Next to the location selector is the daily or weekly view which will change the current view to either daily or weekly. Simply click the selector and you'll be able to select the desired location, date, or view.

Found at the top right-hand side of the roster are the Graph, Print, and Options buttons. The Graph (the blue blocks and yellow spikes shown above) display a projection of this week's total staff wages vs. expected sales. For more information on the Graph, please read our article here. The Graph can be toggled on and off by clicking the Stats button on the top right corner of the Schedule.

The Print option will print the currently selected roster, either by area or employee. When clicking the Print option you'll also have the option to download the Schedule as a CSV file (so you can view it in Excel). You will also see the option to subscribe to the full calendar. Very handy if you're on the go and want to see all of your staff's shifts synced with your own personal or business calendar.

In the top right corner you'll also see an Options tab. You can find an explanation of each option below.

  • "Remove All Employees" will remove every employee assigned to a shift and leave a blank shift in your current view. This will not remove employees in days or weeks that are not currently on-screen.
  • "Remove Empty Shifts" will delete all empty (grey) shifts.
  • "Mark all empty shifts as Open" will make each empty (grey) shift Open to offer it to your employees.
  • "Delete All Shifts" will remove every shift in your current view. Please note that this option is irreversible.
  • "Edit Location and Areas" will take you to the Location Settings page.
  • "Bulk Update" will allow you to make mass updates to all the displayed shifts.
  • "Enter Sales Budget" will enter a daily budget, allowing you to make wages vs. sales projections.

Scheduling Views

You can select different views based on how you would like to schedule your employees. To do this, head to the schedule page, and next to the date range selector, click the drop-down.

You will be faced with a number of options:

  • View By AreaDayWeek2-Week
  • View By EmployeeDayWeek2-Week4-WeekMonth

Please note that Schedule Templates work on all views except View By Employee: Month view.

View By Area: Day

This Daily view allows you to see gaps in any areas for any day. This allows you to fill in these gaps and schedule accordingly.

View By Area: Week

This view allows you to see a week in its entirety, with emphasis on areas.

View By Area: 2-Week

This view allows you to look and schedule your employees using a '2-week' view, or a fortnightly view.

View By Employee: Day

This view allows you to view your schedule by employees, using an overview of the day selected.

View By Employee: Week

This view allows you to schedule your employees with an emphasis on the entire 7 day week.

View By Employee: 2-Week

This view gives you a breakdown of shifts by employee over a 2-week period (fortnight).

View By Employee: 4-week

This view allows you an expansive view of your schedule, using the employee view in a 4-week range.

View By Employee: Month

This view allows an even more expansive view of the scheduling page, viewing by employee over the span of an entire month.

Locked Shifts

You may notice a 'locked' shift, which is indicated by a lock/padlock icon. This means that that the timesheet has been submitted but not yet approved.

Adding Shifts

To create a shift either click the "+" symbol at the top of the area or double-click in the area. This will add a shift, starting at your location's default start time.

Schedule: Add the shift via click

When the shift is created it will open a dialog box for you, allowing you to enter the details for the shift.

First, click in the "Who is Working?" area. In front of you will be displayed a list of recommended employees, based on our five factors (running checks based on fatigue, training, availability/leave, permission to work at the location, and whether there is a conflicting shift). Click the employee you'd like to assign to the shift.

NOTE: If you'd like to offer this shift to multiple employees, you can use either an Open Shift, or you can send an offer. Offers will be explained below. If you're using one of these options, leave the employee area blank for now.

You can change the start, end, and break of the shift by clicking inside the respective fields. Set your times as desired. Click here to learn more about scheduling and planning breaks.

If you'd like to change the area, click in the field and select another one.

You can also add a note to a shift by clicking "Add a note to this shift...". This is additional information that will be sent to your employee by email (and SMS, if you're using it) when you publish the shift. This can be helpful for communicating information in regards to a specific client or worksite. As an example, if you run a cleaning business you may need to let your employees know the room numbers they are to clean on a given shift. Please click in the box and type your message.

If you're finished, click "Save" in the lower right.

If you would like to offer the shift to multiple staff members, click the "Shift Actions" area on the bottom left corner of the dialog. Please click the "Send Offers" option.

After clicking it, a window will open for you displaying a list of recommended and non-recommended staff. Any staff you click here will be selected and can be invited to work the shift. After selecting your employees, click the "Invite X to work this shift".

Employee List

On the left side of the screen, you will see the list of staff granted the permission to work at your chosen location, or who have already been scheduled there.

This section will show you a quick cost/hours summary for all employees with hours scheduled in this location for the period selected, as well as employees allowed to work at this location with no hours (found at the bottom of the list). This section will allow you to quickly highlight any shifts the employee is working in the chosen date range. Simply click the employee on the left to display their shifts in this location.

If you have a large number of employees, this will make it much easier to find their shifts if you need to make any adjustments. You can use the search bar at the top to look for a particular staff member or training category as well. If you need to find a cashier quickly, just type in the name of your training category and relevant employees will appear for you.

You can also drag and drop employees from the list to the schedule to rapidly create shifts for them. Easy!


Once your roster is complete, you'll need to publish it. To do this, please press the large "Publish" button above the roster to the right. If there are changes that haven't been published yet, the button will be yellow. If all changes have been published, it will be green.

Once you've clicked "Publish", you will be asked whether you want to publish updates only or the full Schedule. "Updates only" will publish any new shifts, along with any shifts you have made changes to. New or edited shifts will appear yellow. Published and Open shifts will appear as green. Press Next Step to continue.

Publish Type

Publish Updates Only - This option is for managers who are amending already completed schedule sheets. This means that if some shifts have already been published, it will only alert people about schedule amendments.

Publish All - This will push notifications to all employees regardless of if one of their shifts have been changed/edited.


This option allows you to send notifications about shift changes to specific areas. For example, if a special function is planned at a restaurant and you have updated specific areas such as floor staff and kitchen staff, you can select these areas that will be notified about the schedule updates.


This option allows you to select how employees will be notified about the shift. We have three separate options.

Notify (Email/SMS) and ask for confirmation - This will send out an email and SMS, provided they have a mobile number entered in their employee profile. Confirmation requires the employee to accept or decline the shifts by clicking a link sent to their email or replying to the Deputy SMS with y[shift ID] or n[shift ID].

SMS, Email, and Smartphone Push Notification - The employee will receive a notification via Email, SMS and a push notification via the Deputy smartphone app.

Email and Smartphone Push Notification -  Much like the above, but no SMS, just a shift notification via email and smartphone application.

No notification, just mark as published - Will not notify employees, but will turn the shifts green (confirmed) when checking Deputy via the web browser and smartphone application.

Now click Publish and all shifts should change to green, confirming that they have been published.

Publish to a Single Employee

There may be an instance where you want to publish a shift for a single employee. To do this, click the 'Week' drop-down box, then click 'View by Employee'. Then search their name in the employee search on the left side. If you can only see the intended employee, then you can publish the shifts by clicking the publish button in the top right-hand corner.

You can see an example of this in the GIF below:

Colour Coding

Colour area coding allows you to easily distinguish between areas when viewing your schedule.

Assigning Area Colours

To assign a colour to an area, head to the Schedule page. Now view your schedule by AREA.

Click 'Edit' next to the area you would like to assign a colour to.

A pop-up box will appear. Click the 'Colour' drop-down box.

The following will appear. Here you can either select one of the preset colours, or you can enter in a colour hexcode.

Remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the Edit Area module to confirm your changes.

You can also edit and change the colour of each area via the 'Areas' tab within your Location Settings. Simply follow the same steps as above to change the area colours.

Where will colour area coding appear?

You will be able to see this is a number of places.

Schedule Page - Area View

Please note that colour coding will not appear in the CSV file export.


There are a number of shortcuts available to speed up the rostering process:

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