What Are Access Levels?

There are four access levels that determine the permissions for your team to access different functionalities in Deputy.

Pictured below is an overview of what each Access Level allows:

How Do I change Access Levels?

Note: Only users with an access level of System Administrator or Location Manager can change other users' access levels.

For one team member

1. On the People page, click on the name of the team member you wish to change the access level for.

2. Select Employment from the list on the left-hand side and click Edit.

3. Select the required access level from the drop-down menu and click Save.

For a Group of Team Members

To change multiple team members’ access levels in bulk:

1. On the People page, select the checkbox next to each of the team members that you want to edit.

2. Click Bulk Actions and to the right of the list, then select Set access.

3. Select the access level you’d like to set, then click Update.

What Should I Use Each Access Level For?


These are your base staff, typically those you want only to clock on and off with no other management of the system. If the employee only needs to work shifts and have no managerial access, grant them this access level.


These are generally your shift supervisors or team leaders. They can schedule within the location(s) that they’re assigned to, as well as approve the times (not pay) of a timesheet. They are never able to view costs, either for a schedule or for any team members, and can never edit another team member’s profile. If you have a team leader who runs a group but has no access to pay, give them this access level.

Location Manager

These are the staff you trust to run a location. They can view costs, approve pay, export timesheets and edit employee profiles. They are completely capable of running a location on their own. Give this access level to payroll officers or managers for a particular workplace.

System Administrator

A System Administrator can do absolutely everything there is to do within the system. They are generally the business owners or administrative heads of the business. Do not make anyone this access level unless you trust them access to everything in the account.


Have more questions about access levels? Check out our FAQs page.

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